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12/4/16  To-do List                                              

There is no special way to attack this action list. If it seems overwhelming, just do the first two items to make it easier.  If you have a little more time, do the third….and the fourth…. Or, choose items that speak to your heart.  Some people cut and paste the list, print it off and take it with them so they can check items off while they are out and about during the day and just waiting or driving.  Others click and do items as they work on their computer or phone.  There is no right way to do this.  Just do something!

***It has been brought to my attention that in order to sign up for email notifications of updates of this blog on a mobile device you need to open the webpage version.  Hope this helps some of you! ***

  1. Lamar Smith, Chair of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology - and climate change denier - has a survey on his website about what Congress' priorities should be. Fill it out, select OTHER and put: "Climate change mitigation and policy."

  1. Thank President Obama  for stopping the Dakota Pipeline and for Standing with Standing Rock:

  1. The Mall of America has hired its first black Santa and is getting an incredible backlash and an effort to boycott.  Please let Mall of America know you support their stand!

  1. Here is the official link to register for the Women’s March in Washington on Jan. 21:

  1. Michigan Republicans add appropriation to voter suppression bill making it democracy-proof (immune from citizen referendum) .  Read this and contact your reps (links at the end of the article):

  1. Consider “liking” Demos on FB.  Demos is a public policy organization working for an America where we all have an equal say in our democracy and an equal chance in our economy.

  1. Don’t Retire, Ruth Ginsburg petition:

  1. If you think you spot some fake news on FB, now you can do something about it!  We still believe in facts!

  1. Help the USO send holiday messages to our troops!

  1. Add your name to Sen. Chris Murphy’s petition to oppose the appointment of Tom Price as HHS Secretary:

  1. Sign up with your email address and become part of the Stand Up America movement and then “like” their FB pages, too:

  1. Sign a petition to ask the Democrat legislators to filibuster until President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is confirmed.  Ask them not to confirm any Trump appointments until this is accomplished.

  1. Fix the Electoral College petition:

  1. Posted by a friend in another group who ok'd a repost--please do!  Call to Action for a Small Act for today:
(Can we take down Breitbart?)
This takes less than 1 minute, but the consequences for Brietbart could be massive if enough people reach out to Google. 
Here is the info if you want to participate.
Inspired by Kellogg's and other companies pulling their advertising from Breitbart, here's a fun action to take. From your laptop or phone, follow these directions and pass it along. I did it through my phone, so instructions below are for the phone.
(1) Go to (I know, ugh, but keep going).
(2) Find a Google AdSense ad. It will have a teal triangle and an x in the upper right corner. 
(3) Click on the triangle. 
(4) Click "Why this Ad?"
(5) On the Google page that loads, Click "learn more" in the text toward the bottom.
(6) A page loads called About Google Ads.
Scroll down and click to "Leave feedback on the website you just saw."
(7) You are given a choice between "the website" and "the ads". Choose "the website".
(8) Check the box saying that the website (Breitbart) promotes racial intolerance. If you like, add a comment. I did.
(9) Click submit!
            If Google kicks Breitbart out of its ad network it will make a big difference to the company's               bottom line. So tell Google to Dump Breitbart.

Michigan Only

  1. Please sign this petition and tell the Michigan legislature to extend animal cruelty laws to cover ALL animals -- wild and domesticated -- today.

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