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11/30/16  To-do List                                      

  1. Is your senator a co-sponsor of Sen. Cardin’s resolution?  If not, call and find out why not!

  1. If you want to help remove some of Breitbart’s advertisers, start emailing, tweeting, FB-ing your displeasure of those companies ad on the white supremacist website.  More info here:  It seems to be working!

  1. Petition to stop Republicans from gutting Medicare:

  1. Wisconsin changed the amount to do the recount there from 1.1 million to 3.5 million dollars.  The total amount needed is now 9.5 million dollars.  If you can help, click here:

  1. There is a movement for non-participants to use up tickets for the Trump Thank You Tour.  Use this link to register (free) for two tickets to (not) attend the rally in Cincinnati tomorrow. Other cities/tickets have not yet been announced.  Note there are two different events.

  1. Likewise, if you would like to order tickets for (but not attend) the Presidential Inauguration swearing-in ceremony, contact the office of your Senator or Representative

Michigan Action Items

  1. As posted by Kary Moss: "1st voter suppression bill package is up for a hearing tomorrow before the Michigan House Election Committee --HB 6066, 6067 and 6068. These bills, if passed, will institute a photo ID requirement for virtually all voters with the practical effect of disenfranchising the vast majority of people who don't have ID or show up to vote without it."  Contact your state reps asking them to oppose this!

  1. This link gives you a form letter (which you can personalize) to sign and send asking your state senator to oppose SB 102 regarding teacher pensions.  This bill goes hand-in-hand with SB 1177 and SB 1178 as well 

  1. Michigan lawmakers are still considering a controversial gun bill that would let people bring hidden, loaded handguns in to K-12 schools, college classrooms and dorms, and bars.  Following the election results in our state, the gun lobby is now feeling emboldened and ready to sneak this bill through in the final hour.  Contact your senators and ask them to oppose SB 442!

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