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11/29/16  To-do List                                       

  1. Call Sen. Chaffetz asking that his Oversight Committee investigate Trump’s potential conflicts of interest.
    Phone: (202) 225-5074 (Committee Office)
    (202) 225-7751 (Chaffetz’s DC Office)
    (801) 851-2500 (Chaffetz’s Utah Office)
    Twitter: @gopoversight"  Also contact individual members of the committee: For more information, here’s the backstory:

  1. Before you post anything political in nature, double-check here so that you have a better idea of the bias of the source! If the source you are seeking is not yet listed in this site, click on "Submit Source" so it can be added! Let's help each other use credible sources!

  1. Call the Comptroller General of the Government Accountability in support of Senator Warren's request to audit the President Elect's finances for conflicts of interest. Also, email two administrators. Their names are:
    Katherine Siggerud -email:
    And Timothy Minnelli -email:
    Here is the text of the suggested message:
    "I'm writing in support of Senator Elizabeth Warren's request for an audit of our incoming President Elect's finances, to prohibit conflicts of interest that would prevent him from carrying out the responsibilities of the office without corrupt influence."

  1. “Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice”

  1. If you’ve not yet signed this, here is a Petition to Electors to Choose Hillary Clinton:

  1. Sign Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s petition urging Congress not to sell out to Big Pharma:

  1. The Jill Stein ballot recount request for Michigan needs to be filed by 2pm EST tomorrow (Wed., Nov. 30).  The fundraising is still a bit shy of its seven million dollar goal.  You can go here to donate or to volunteer to help in the actual recounts in WI, PA, and MI:

  1. A petition to stop Congress from gutting or privatizing Medicare:

  1. Call your Reps in Washington tomorrow!  This, from Sen. Elizabeth Warren:  "Republicans aren’t waiting for President Donald Trump to roll back the rules on Wall Street. On Thursday, the House will vote on H.R. 6392, a bill that does nothing for community banks but eliminates many of the Dodd-Frank financial reform rules for 30 of the biggest banks in the country. Banks this big – like Washington Mutual and Countrywide – were at the heart of bringing down our economy during the 2008 financial crisis. So what could possibly go wrong?!   A vote for H.R. 6392 is a vote to gut the rules designed to stop another financial crisis and to let Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary decide how to regulate the big banks. House Republicans may be willing to gamble the safety of our financial system to please the giant banks, but Democrats should side with working families that want tougher rules for Wall Street and can’t afford another backbreaking crisis or taxpayer-funded bailout."

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