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11/23/16  To-do List                                      

  1. Paul Ryan's Affordable Care Act poll is back up, at a different phone number: 202-225-0600. KEEP CALLING

  1. Standing Rock Petition to the Whitehouse

  1. While the Dept. of Justice may not be tallying requests for a vote audit, it does not mean we can’t urge them to do so.  Use this link:  or call  202-514-2000 (press 4 to leave a message).

  1. Contact your Senators about your concerns regarding the vote count.  Senators Stabenow ((202) 224-4822 ) and Peters ((202) 224-6221)

  1. Another ‘demand an audit’ petition:

  1. Another audit the vote petition:

  1. Another audit the vote petition:

  1. More “No Bannon” suggestions:

  1. Take part in this weekend’s “No Bannon” postcard avalanche!

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