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11/28/16  To-do List                            

  1. Another “not Bannon” petition:

  1. Jill Stein in closing in on her seven million dollar goal to accomplish recounts in WI, PA, and MI.  The filling process has been set in motion in WI and PA, with Michigan to follow on Wednesday.  If you’d like to help meet the financial goal or volunteer to help with the recounts in those states, check here:

  1. Thank Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for supporting an investigation into election and DNC hacking at

  1. Sign a petition to prohibit government hacking into electronic devices without a warrant. Keep your personal data private. This link has been shared several times by Oregon Senator, Ron Wyden. Sign by November 30!

  1. Continue to call the Voting Section of the DOJ directly at (202) 307-2767. Ask them to audit the vote.  You can also call (202) 353-1555, or the main switchboard at (202) 514- 2000.  Ask for Elections Division or Voting Section.

  1. Petition to seek recounts in NC, FL, and AZ can be found here:

  1. There is a new website for The Hamilton Electors:

  1. Let’s ask our senators to support Sen. Cory Booker in his effort to have the Justice Dept. intervene in Standing Rock.

  1. Support Sen. Cardin’s 11/28 resolution to require Trump to comply with the Constitution.


  1. Time to call our State Senators.  Michigan Senate Bill 638 would allow candidates to solicit unlimited contributions from Super PAC's.

  1. The DeVos top priority in Michigan is to end the teacher pension program.  It just may happen in this lame duck state legislature.  Read more about it here and contact your legislators!

  1. Here is an actual petition regarding Senate bill 102 (teacher pension program)

  1. Use the information in this link to make comments on the Nestle proposed increased large quantity water withdrawal.  Deadline is Dec. 3.,4561,7-135--396969--,00.html

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