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12/1/16  To-do List                                        

  1. Sen. Chaffetz, of the Oversight Committee, said yesterday on Fox News that he is still determined to investigate Hillary Clinton and her email server management and not Trump.  Let’s find all ways possible to tell him to forget that and look into Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest.

  1. If you are on Twitter, follow a group called Sleeping Giants (@slpng-giants) to see how you can help stop ad dollars go to Brietbart.  If you are not on Twitter, this might be the time.  It is interesting to follow a variety of people and organizations and news sources to get a full range of news.

  1. Call Ace Hardware's national office (888-827-4223 or 866-290-5334) urging them to tell their stores in and around Standing Rock to start selling propane tanks again to anyone legally eligible to purchase them. This is what is putting the lives of the Water Protectors in danger.

  1. Petition to Tell the Electoral College to save America from Trump

  1. Quick way to thank Kellogg’s for removing their ads from Breitbart and not supporting white supremacy! Here is a sample script shared by a PSN-MI friend:   I just wanted to say thank you to Kellogg for pulling its advertising off the neo-nazi hate-news website, Breitbart News. I was happy to learn that Kellogg does not agree with the hate-speech Breitbart News publishes, and I will make the extra effort to add several Kellogg products to my shopping cart during my next trip to the store.  Thank you again.

  1. Thank Allstate for removing their ads from Breitbart:

  1. You may have heard about the despicable “Professor Watchlist” being developed online to “Help us expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”  There is an option to “submit a tip” for them to investigate.  Yes, we are now at the point where we are asking people to report on each other.  L   A resistance tactic is to submit phoney tips. As a former university professor, I find this disgusting.

  1. NOTE:  NBC is reporting that Trump’s "victory tour" in Cincinnati is oddly not full! Lots of empty seats...could our national PSN+ folks pranked them by ordering lots and lots of tickets? Looks like it worked! 

Michigan only

  1. It seems that District 1’s Republican Rep. Dan Benishek feels that since he is retiring in January that he does not have to be doing anything or taking a stand on anything.  Call his Washington office and remind him that he is still on our dime!  The number is 202-225-4735.    

From Senator David Knezek:  The Michigan Senate has adjourned until December 6, 2016 without taking a vote to eliminate teachers' pensions.  Legislation to eliminate healthcare benefits for police officers and fire fighters received a committee hearing today and may soon receive a vote in the Michigan House of Representatives. Your phone calls and emails to legislators are working. Please don't stop. Michiganders need to mobilize, keep up the pressure, and hold our elected officials accountable.  Call your legislators today and tell them to support our teachers, police officers, and fire fighters.

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