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12/3/16  To-do List                       

There is no special way to attack this action list. If it seems overwhelming, just do the first two items to make it easier.  If you have a little more time, do the third….and the fourth…. Or, choose items that speak to your heart.  Some people cut and paste the list, print it off and take it with them so they can check items off while they are out and about during the day and just waiting or driving.  Others click and do items as they work on their computer or phone.  There is no right way to do this.  Just do something!

  1. If you are planning on going to Washington for the Women’s March, you may want to join this FB planning group:

  1. Electoral College petition and action steps:

  1. Petition to stop Republicans from gutting Medicare:

  1. Call Paul Ryan’s office and tell him not to privatize Medicare!

  1. Petition to NOT privatize Veterans Administration:

  1. Another FB page to “like”:  Susan J. Demas is a Michigan syndicated columnist, public speaker, writer, political analyst and editor. Good stuff!

  1. Here is the official FB page for the March on Lansing on Jan. 21:

  1. Order tickets for the next announced Trump Victory tour stops (and don’t go) here:   and here:

  1. Just put in your address and find all your elected officials!  Give you phone numbers and contact pages!  Bookmark this one!

  1. Using the link above….."Create new contacts in your phone for your senators and reps and also for senators and reps on important committees. That way you can call them and make a comment as quickly as you can sign a petition. Thereafter, every time you sign a petition, make a phone call about the issue to one or more legislators. If you want, time it. See if it takes any longer to make a call than to sign a petition. You might be surprised. Remember, when you call, all you have to do is say something like 'I'm calling to oppose appointment X' or 'I'm calling to support senator X's effort to _________'. In the time it takes you to install an app, you can create a few new contacts in your phone."

  1. To support Kellogg’s departure from Breitbart, consider buying extra Kellogg’s products this season and donating them to local food banks!


  1. Consider reading Electablog, a political blog, based in Michigan.  Rachel Maddow calls this “the indispensable Michigan politics source”.  You can subscribe to it so that when it is updated you will get an email.


  1. What a fantastic list! Thank you for creating this blog. Would you mind if I copied and shared your list on a Facebook group page, daily?

    1. Our group is also working on a webpage, could we post it there as well (giving you credit and/or posting a link to your blog?). Thanks for your consideration!

  2. Thank you for updating it daily! I think it's still relevant to monitor Breitbart and inform companies about their ads being published there.


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