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12/28/16  To-do List                                                   

There is no special way to attack this action list. If it seems overwhelming, just do the first two items to make it easier.  If you have a little more time, do the third….and the fourth…. Or, choose items that speak to your heart.  Some people cut and paste the list, print it off and take it with them so they can check items off while they are out and about during the day and just waiting or driving.  Others click and do items as they work on their computer or phone.  There is no right way to do this.  Just do something!  Remember, too, that many of the suggestions made on earlier days are still doable.

Please remember that due to all the petitions and joining we’ve been doing over the last several weeks that we are now on many email lists for organizations that will most likely be seeking end-of-year charitable donations.  While it may make for some less-than-desired email, please give what you can and be tolerant knowing that these organizations do so much good on our behalf. 

  1. Check out this website to learn more about and to download a browser extension that can help warn you about fake news:

  1. There will be rough times ahead for this small Montana town. White supremacists are being bused in as a show of force.  When contacted, the local synagogue said they are hiring extra security and would welcome assistance to help cover the expenses. Anyone who wants to contribute can do so directly through the synagogue website:


  1. Trump currently has 18 million followers on Twitter.  It seems that he is using this figure to calculate his popularity.  If you are currently following him (@realDonaldTrump), consider unfollowing him to reduce that number.  You can always check on his activity manually from time to time to see what he is up to. 

  1. Join Sen. Cory Booker in thanking President Obama for eight years of service to our country:

  1. Sign the RISE When We Fall Pledge to receive updates and reminders about upcoming town halls and events, have opportunities to connect with other people planning to attend these events, and receive information about the voting positions of your Senators and Representatives and questions that you could ask. Finding out about these town halls and other congressional events should be easier, and we want to work with you and tens of thousands of other citizens to build a crowdsource central calendar so any and every American can find out how to meet face to face with their Senators and Representatives. Remember, they work for you.   Please Share!

  1. If you want to read and keep up with federal legislation, here’s the place:  FYI, both chambers meet again on Friday, Dec. 30.

  1. Extreme lawmakers think Trump's election gives them a mandate to roll back rights for women, LGBTQ folks, religious minorities, people with disabilities and people of color. They're starting to move on discriminatory legislation before Trump has even taken office. Join Planned Parenthood to let them know where you stand.;jsessionid=96D781E97FA6E56580EC9245BD21573E.app20109b?s

  1. There is work underway to get an "objection" read on the floor of the Joint Session on Jan 6th. This will create an opportunity to have the objection discussed by the entire congress.  It is focusing on two areas. 1) Voter Suppression, primarily of the Black and Brown vote, and 2) Foreign Intervention, the Electoral College should not have made the decision according to the 14th amendment. To start, many people (maybe 100) in each of the following states. NJ, PA, FL, AL if you can help, or know people that can pull that kind of group together that would be awesome. People are needed to make calls to their senators and to their congressperson. Please see the petition to have greater clarity:  “One Congressperson and one Senator: Object to the counting of Electoral College votes on Jan 6th..” The petition is here:   If you think you can also help with phone calls send a message to Mark Pinsley,

  1. Going to the Women’s March in DC? After the March, warm up, have fun and strategize about next steps with other volunteers, marchers and leaders at the Rise Above conference ( in downtown DC. Inspiring speakers, breakout sessions and meetups, plus strategies and action-plans we can all use to push for equality, justice, freedom and a government that works. (You can go to just the Saturday afternoon events, just the Sunday events, or both.) Scholarships are available, as well. (Please share this post with other groups that might be interested.)

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