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2/7/17  To-do List                                                            

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Contact Legislators

Contact your legislators here:  or by free online fax here:  Reps: and Senate:

  1. From Tweet Sheet Tuesday:  these all have to do with DeVos so do them early! The DeVos vote is at noon.

  1. From Project 1461:  Say no to a Labor Secretary that Despises Labor:

  1. Call your representative and ask them to support H.R. 724 - the Statue of Liberty Values Act (SOLVE) - to block Trump's refugee and travel ban.  Read the press release here: 

  1. Keep up the pressure to have Bannon removed from the NSC. Call your representative and ask them to cosponsor and support H.R. 804.

  1. Call your senators and ask them to cosponsor and support S. 291:  “A bill to amend the National Security Act of 1947 to modify the requirements for membership in the National Security Council and cabinet-level policy forum, and for other purposes”

  1. Yet another way to contact your legislators is We are The 65.  “Over 65 million Americans rejected Donald Trump on Election Day. What if we came together every day to fight for our vision of a diverse, inclusive America? Together, we can use our voices to remind Congress that they work for all of us.”  Take a look here:

  1. Here’s a clever way to get around busy signals and full voicemail boxes!

  Other Contacts to Make

  1. From one of our own:  48 bomb threats to Jewish institutions in 1 month it's not being reported.  (  Let’s contact some media outlets and see if we can move this as a new item:  ADL is always a good place to go for good background and activist ideas:

  1. If you are a conservative, consider contacting the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) to let them know you will be opposing efforts to elect more Congressional Republicans until the GOP stands up against the executive overreach and authoritarian tendencies of Trump.
 Other Actions

  1. From Twitter Storm Wednesdays: Here is a Twitter event for tomorrow; details here:

  1. Apparently, the numbers for Democrats signed up with their party’s social media outlets is significantly lower than for their Republican counterparts.  Please take the time to seek out your state and local Dem Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and consider “liking” or “following” them! 

  1. We know how Trump does not like to read, but the group Leaders are Readers wants to make sure that he has enough books to read.  To that end, “This Valentine's Day, share our love of literature and hopes for a better world by burying the Oval Office in a mountain of great books. In the process, we’ll support local bookstores and the publishing industry.”  Details here:

  1. If you were a supporter of Evan McMullin/Mindy Finn, they have a new group, Stand Up Republic, which may also appeal to some disenchanted voters.  Check it out here: 

  1. Matthew Dowd, a former Republican and political consultant, has a website called Listen To Us.  “Founded in a coffee shop in Austin, Texas, Listen To US, is based on a simple ideas:  America demands that we have leaders who put Country over Party using the Common Good as our guiding star.  We need a new way forward.  If we want to change our government, we have to change our politics.”

  1. From one of our own:  Given the statements Spicer made about protesters over the weekend ( , every time you attend a protest event, please send Spicer a personal, handwritten postcard telling him about the event you attended in protest of the new regime, why you protested, and whether you were paid for it. At the same time, send postcards to your representatives in Congress (contact info above) telling them about the postcard you send to Spicer. Make it a flood.  Address:  Sean Spicer, The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC  20500 
 Petitions to Sign

  1. Please join in their effort to oppose Pudzer for Labor Secretary:  “A man who doesn’t respect people’s labor isn't qualified to be the United State's next U.S. Secretary of Labor. Tell the U.S. Senate to reject Andrew Puzder's nomination to lead the Department of Labor!”

  1. Join the Sierra Club in telling Congress to defend the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and to not pass the bill to eliminate it:

  1. One of our own found this useful to help understand all this talk about legislation (if you've ever wondered "why is this a resolution and how does that differ from a bill?"):

  1. From @RoguePOTUSStaff on Twitter:  Bannon's goal is to let resistance die over time due to apathy. Make him fail

  1. From PBS News Hour:  Data shows that immigration does not bring crime into the US:

  1. Here is some interesting insight from a Mennonite pastor’s visit with his Republican senator in PA:   We are certainly making a difference! 

  1. Neoconservative political commentaor, David Frum, who is anti-Trump, on what an effective protest could look like:


  1. Thumbs up on the new format! Thanks so much for doing this!

  2. Hi! I LOVE this list and have told my friends to subscribe - it makes me feel like there is a lot going on, which is very reassuring in a tough time. Request: any chance you could add a "FACTS" section? I wish I had a bank of FACTS at my disposal (crime rates by guns vs. immigrants; abortion rates; etc. etc.) but I don't have the time to validate the ones that I see thrown out - your background would give me confidence that what I'm seeing is true. Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Auntie Mel for your kind words. I'm not sure I have the time to honor your request, but I'll certainly consider it!


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