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/16/17  To-do List                                                             

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Rogan’s List wants to thank RISE Stronger for including us in their United States of Resistance   Check it out and sign up!

Contact Legislators

Contact your legislators here:
or via free online fax here:  Reps:
If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your zip code to
520-200-2223. You'll immediately get a text back with everyone's contact info, INCLUDING your STATE senator and representative.

  1. Call the House Intelligence Committee Majority comment line to tell Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and the Republicans that 1) that you are outraged at Nunes' statement of support of Mike and 2) to open a formal investigation into Russia's influence over Trump, his administration, and our election.  The number for the Majority House Intelligence line is 202-225-4121. Contact other members of the committee here:

  1. Continue to call your legislators asking for an independent, bi-partisan investigation into Trump and the Russian links to his administration and the election.  Bill Moyers calls this the worst scandal involving the White House and a foreign power since Iran-Contra.  The Indivisible Guide team has scripts and sample dialogue:

  1. Susan Collins (R-ME) has announced that she will vote against the confirmation of Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Contact your senators to voice your opposition as well.  The reasons are many. 

Other Actions

  1. From Teaching Tolerance:  use this or share with others:  Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide for Educators and School Support Staff:

  1. February 22 is the Mayor's Day of Action on the ACA.  Get your mayor to sign on: and then sign up here to find events in your area:

  1. From one of our own:  AN EASY ACTION: If you or your family don't have a library card, GET ONE. DeVos will fight hard against public education. Public libraries could be next. Local politicians look at the # of the population vs the # of library cardholders. If the % of cardholders to population isn't high, then they think, "Why are our people being taxed for this service?" Getting a library card is an act of support in ways bigger than you imagined. #resist #supportlibraries

  1. The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is organizing a day of action for the legal community to express our solidarity with the growing movements against the new regime and its white supremacist agenda. On February 17 at 1 PM EST, lawyers, legal workers, law students, and law professors will gather in front of courthouses across the country in coordination with the nationwide #GeneralStrike planned for the same day.  If your legal organization would like to co-sponsor, email NLG Research and Education Director Traci Yoder at  

  1. Constituents in Rep. Issa’s (R-CA) district were unhappy that they have not been able to get him to commit to a Town Hall.  So, they crowd-funded and took out a full-page ad in the San Diego Union Tribune  to press Issa to hold one. Worth a try for other MIA legislators!

  1. The Women's March has announced their 3rd Action Item from their 10 Actions in the First 100 Days campaign: "Hear Our Voice".  Sign up here:

  2. Find out “What Are Your Rights if Border Agents Want to Search Your Phone?”:

  1. Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce that develops computer software for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems, is losing a growing number of employees who have quit due to Shopify's refusal to stop hosting the online store of the ultra-right-wing news site Breitbart.  SumOfUs is trying to help them find new jobs?  Are you or someone you know hiring?

  1. Time once again to reserve tickets and not show up at a Trump rally this weekend at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport-AeroMod International Hangar  or schedule protests yourselves.

  1. Let’s find ways to get better at what we are doing:

Petitions to Sign


  1. Join Sen. Durbin (D-IL) in telling Congress to investigate the Trump administration’s dealings with Russia:

  1. In a display of very poor taste, political cartoonist Glenn McCoy “borrowed” Norman Rockwell’s famous illustration of Ruby Bridges being escorted to school at the beginning of desegregation and replaced her with Betsy DeVos.   We need to demonstrate our outrage and call for all papers to stop printing Glenn McCoy.


  1. A reminder that when you “share” a post, like Rogan’s List, for example, from a closed or secret Facebook group that only your friends who are already members of that group will see it.  To make sure all your friends see the post on your timeline, you will need to copy and paste.  If it is a personal post, always seek permission from the original poster first.

  1. Valarie Kaur is an award-winning filmmaker, civil rights lawyer, media commentator, Sikh activist and interfaith leader who centers her work on storytelling for social change. She is the founder of Groundswell Movement, the nation’s largest multifaith online organizing community of 200,000+.   Watch her in action in this very moving piece:

  1. The Southern Poverty Law Center  just released their 2016 “Year in Hate and Extremism” report:

  1. Finding steady ground:  strengthening our spirits to resist and thrive in these times:

Rogan’s List is now a participant in and strategic partner of the Action Alliance, a federation of more than fifty #resistance sites located throughout the nation, each with its own methods and approach.  Other member sites are listed here:  --scroll down and click through and you'll find many more opportunities to make a difference.


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