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3/28/17 To-do List                                                            

Contact Government Officials

Search all members of Congress here:
Fax your legislators for free:  Reps:
If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your US postal address to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your
STATE & FEDERAL legislative rep phone numbers.

  1. Use this nifty tool to contact your representative and voice your opposition to the bill that would compromise your online privacy.  The vote is today. The Senate has already passed this.

  1. Let’s join Rep. Schiff in asking Rep. Nunes to recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee probe into the Trump/Russia situation following his unorthodox handling of investigation. Let’s contact our own representatives and urge them to do the same. 

  1. The Ways and Means Committee has a markup today (3/28/17) for H.Res. 186- a resolution of inquiry asking that the Secretary of Treasury release ten years of Trump's tax returns to the House of Representatives. If you have a representative in the Ways and Means Committee, call them and voice your support for H.Res. 186.. You can also call Ways and Means Committee Chairman Brady to tell him that you agree that Trump's tax returns need to be released. Indivisible Guide has scripts available:  Ways and Means Committee members:

  1. OurStates is fighting the Trump agenda at the state level, and has categorized state legislation by issue. You can click on whatever category matters to you, which state you live in, and you'll be able to see the current legislation in your area. Check out their interactive guide:

  1. The next Congressional recess is coming up in mid-April. Contact your MoC and ask them when their next townhall will be! Getting the run around? Check out Indivisible Guide's “Missing Member of Congress Action Plan”:

  1. "However imperfectly, subsidies for the poor do actually reduce hunger, ease suffering and create opportunity, while subsidies for the rich result in more private jets and yachts. Would we rather subsidize opportunity or yachts? Which kind of subsidies deserves more scrutiny?"   After reading this article, let’s let our legislators know that we want these corporate subsidies to be reduced, not human services ones.

  1. Use this Google doc to contact (options here for calling, tweeting, mailing, etc.) the members of the House Intelligence Committee to A) Demand an Independent Investigation into Trump's ties to Russia,  B) Get Rep. Devin Nunes off the Committee, and  C) **You can also demand that they hold OPEN HEARINGS on anything related to #TrumpRussia!**

  1. Once we do that, let’s see if we can add anything to this spreadsheet that lists where individual legislators stand on an independent committee: 

  1. From Indivisible Guide: information and talking points for contacting our senators about Gorsuch:

  1. Time to thank Mayor de Blasio for extending the stay of “Fearless Girl” until International Women’s Day 2018! Write to him here:  Mayor Bill de Blasio, City Hall, New York, NY 10007 or email:

  1. These are examples of the folks who believed the promises for a better life and will likely end up far worse: Regardless of how we think they should have voted, let’s help make sure our legislators know that we don’t want them or their children to suffer at Trump’s hand.

Other Actions

  1. 2018 is coming.  Here is a list of 25 Republican representatives who live in “swing districts”:  Let’s start finding good replacements! 

  1. On March 29th, Planned Parenthood is hosting a Pink Out via Thunderclap. We can sign up to participate and show our support for women's rights and reproductive health here

  1. America Magazine wants to hear about what should take priority in health care reform, from a Catholic perspective.  They want to know what should Catholics prioritize in health care reform?  If we fit the demographic, click here to answer:

Petitions to Sign

  1. Democracy for All is working towards a Medicare for all solution to healthcare:

  1. There are better solutions to our immigration problems and there are better uses for our tax dollars than building a wall.  Let’s sign with Credo that we do not want the wall:


  1. “Gibberish is the New White House Normal”

  1. You can now call your congressman through Facebook”

  1. "However imperfectly, subsidies for the poor do actually reduce hunger, ease suffering and create opportunity, while subsidies for the rich result in more private jets and yachts. Would we rather subsidize opportunity or yachts? Which kind of subsidies deserves more scrutiny?"

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  1. The Our States tool is a nifty way to quickly view various pieces of legislation and determine my stance on each so that I could prioritize my calls today. I was able to quickly decide which of my state reps I needed to call today about which issues. It took a little more work to track down whom to call with a damaging bill that's already passed Senate and House committees and now is in committee with the State Affairs office on the House side, but I'm growing used to asking aids for numbers and suggestions. Thanks again. Linda P.


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