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3/17/17 To-do List                                                            

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Contact Government Officials

Search all members of Congress here:
Fax your legislators for free:  Reps:
If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your US postal address to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your
STATE & FEDERAL legislative rep phone numbers.

  1. Despite everything else going on, we need to keep our eyes on the Russian interference and Bannon’s agenda, two key problems.  We need to call our legislators daily asking for an independent investigation and to have Bannon removed from the White House. 

  1. Kudos to the 17 Republicans who introduced the Republican Climate Resolution in the House, even though they contradict Trump’s ideas about the environment. Let’s thank these individuals and encourage other legislators to join in. 

  1. Pretty sobering prospects for some of our fellow citizens:  Time to contact our legislators to stop this reality from happening by opposing these cuts. 

  2. The positive effects of Sesame Street on children have long been recognized: Where is the logic in stopping funding for this and other quality television programming?  We need to let our legislators know that we value the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which include PBS and NPR, and support neither cuts nor elimination of this valuable national resource.

  1. Sr. Simone Campbell, of Nuns on the Bus and Network fame, knows that this is not a budget for the people.  She has long taken Sen. Ryan to task on his idea of a budget.  Network scores legislators on the quality of their votes as they relate to the values of this Catholic justice organization.  From this link, we can get their scores and send letters to our legislators to either congratulate them or take them to task: 

  2. The USA has long been in the forefront of medical and scientific research.  Under Trump’s budget, the dollars for those efforts will be slashed. Let’s let our legislators know that this is not acceptable. 

  1. The Institute of Museum and Library Services  (IMLS) is the only federal agency that funds libraries nationwide. The IMLS is the main federal source for innovative library programs that support early literacy, workforce development, and community improvement through libraries. If this library program is cut - along with NEA, NEH, and PBS as proposed - the impacts would be felt in small towns and in big city neighborhoods. Let’s join EveryLibrary and use this form to contact our members of Congress today and ask them to preserve this n the next and future budgets.

  1. An orbiting camera that captures climate change is also on Trump’s budget cutting block. Let’s let our legislators know that we want to be on the right side of science and keep these types of monitoring devices as well as other science efforts to save our planet.

Other Actions

  1. From one of our own:  Check out your FB account!  [Some people] now have a "Town Hall" button that allows you to connect with your reps! Brilliant! 

  1. Yet another way to stay involved is with the Stand Up App:

  1. Countable has just begun a new video series Talk to Trump. In it, they feature Americans from across the political spectrum sharing their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and more in 30-second videos that we deliver directly to the White House.  Let’s tell our stories about health insurance: 

Petitions to Sign

  1. Let’s help make the situation a bit more real for them.  Join in this petition to remove health care subsidies for members of Congress and their families:

  1. Let’s join Democracy for America and tell all Senate Democrats that we want them to filibuster Gorsuch’s hearing next week.   If he is confirmed, Gorsuch will be one of the most anti-worker, anti-environment and anti-choice justices we have ever seen.


  1. “And Jesus Said Unto Paul of Ryan” --

  1. Today the Supreme Court Justices meet in conference to vote on whether to accept the 2016 revote case.  Results are to be made public on 3/20.  

  1. Sometimes you just need to be together and talk. Hoping more of that is in our future:

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