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3/11/17 To-do List                                                            

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Contact Government Officials

Find your legislators here:
Search all members of Congress here:
Fax your legislators for free:  Reps:
If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your US postal address to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your STATE & FEDERAL legislative rep phone numbers.

  1. We have our marching orders from Rep. Joe Kennedy III regarding the health care bill:  Let’s do this!!  

  1. was founded by leaders in the technology community to give their values a voice in American politics.  Let’s join in with them in telling Congress that we stand with immigrants:

  1. Join the People's Defense, a collaborative on action organizations including Indivisible, CREDO, NARAL, and others, and tell the Senate you object to Neil Gorsuch holding a spot on the Supreme Court:

  1. Smartphone users:  Send a text that turns into a fax to your legislators:

  1. “President Trump’s proposal to cut 17 percent from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s budget will have a direct impact on the government’s weather forecast and warning capabilities”….and hence, our preparedness.  Contact your legislators opposing these hurtful cuts to NOAA and  the EPA. 

  1. These are a string of GOP "regulatory reform" bills already passed in the House that will effectively paralyze the EPA and other federal agencies from passing or keeping regulations to protect our health, safety and welfare if they are also passed in the Senate:  1H.R. 5 - Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017, 2) H.R. 21 - Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2017,  3)  H.R. 26 - Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act of 2017, 4) - H.R. 998 - Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome (SCRUB) Act of 2017, 5) - H.R. 1004 - Regulatory Integrity Act of 2017, and 7) - H.R. 1009 - OIRA Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act.  Call your senators.  Details:

Other Actions

  1. A Muslim registry is unconstitutional, ineffective, and un-American. It’s happened once before. It didn’t work then. It won’t work now. Join the 4674 Americans that have already committed to keeping it from coming back.

  1. Another way to ask for the “Fearless Girl” statue to remain on Wall Street:  Let’s call the City of New York:   (212-639-9675 (or just 311 if in you are in NYC).   A) Be patient while you listen to recorded messages, then when asked to briefly describe the purpose of your call say "Speak to 311 representative" both times, B) When the 311 rep asks the subject, say:  "Fearless Girl on Wall Street", C) When the 311 rep asks for the message, say "Let's inspire generations of little girls.  Please make her permanent." (There is no need to leave contact info.)

  1. From Color the Heart:  here is a link to a “My ACA Story” postcard to print on cardstock, color, and use!  You can follow Color the Heart on Instagram and twitter @colortheheart.  Post your colored-in postcards in social media with the hashtags #ACAstories and #CareCatalog

  1. The Amplifier Foundation is offering free art from the “We the People” campaign to schools, libraries, and museums across the country:

  1. Be part of the ACLUs launch of People Power, a project to resist Trump’s policies –today at 4:30 p.m. ET  Find an event near you that will be livestreaming the Resistance Training:

  1. From one of our own:  Contact banks that are funding DAPL and ask them to withdraw their support (e.g., from Sierra Club). I have contacted a regional bank that used to hold my mortgage and told them I would consider returning as a customer if they do the right thing on this and pull out. Find the banks/contacts here:

  1. SCAM WARNING from one or our own:  “I received a robocall today which began with a heartwarming recorded message from Barack Obama (really him), urging citizens to act to uphold their progressive values, against the gathering storm (or something like that). This was followed by a request for donations "from Barack Obama," for a faxblast to oppose Trump's travel ban. I am a long-time activist and a sophisticated donor, but I have to say that I was moved almost to tears by hearing Obama's voice and thinking how great it was that he was openly joining the Resistance - how had I missed that, with all these emails?--so  almost fell for this complete scam. The human who came on the line to take my donation, when pressed, revealed that this message was coming from Progressive Priorities PAC, confirmed by Google to be a total fraud. They move from issue to issue”.

Petitions to Sign

  1. Call on Nestle to cut ties with Indofood- a company tied to human rights abuses and deforestation:

  1. CREDO Action: "Tell the Labor Department: Don't Let Wall Street Scam Retirees"


  1. Librarians rock!  And they when they help the resistance, they rock even more!

  1. Engaging the other side can be very valuable:

  1. This is a sobering reminder that we have an obligation to do our own homework before sharing things we cannot verify. Just because something aligns with our beliefs does not make it true. So much damage is this way.  It happens on the right and the left. 

Rogan’s List is now a participant in and strategic partner of the Action Alliance, a federation of more than 70 #resistance sites located throughout the nation, each with its own methods and approach.  Other member sites are listed here:  --scroll down and click through and you'll find many more opportunities to make a difference.
Rogan’s List is also part of RISE Stronger’s United States of Resistance

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