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4/12/17 To-do List   

Contact Government Officials

Search all members of Congress here:
Fax your legislators for free:  Reps:
Find senators Twitter and Facebook Accounts here:
Find representatives on Twitter here:

If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your US postal address to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your
STATE & FEDERAL legislative rep phone numbers.

  1. There have been too many examples of the Trump administration’s unfamiliarity with history, or their denial of the facts, but yesterday’s statements by Press Secretary Spicer about Hitler not using gas on his own people and his reference to “Holocaust Centers” was blatant ignorance. It seems that we should help Spicer learn a few facts.  During this Passover season that started yesterday and runs through April 18, let’s send him postcards with facts about the Holocaust.  Send them to:  Sean Spicer, White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

  1. Trump associates’ Russian connections continue to mount and be confirmed. Let’s keep letting our legislators know that we want an independent investigation.  Too many insiders are involved.

  1. Seniors and other special populations could face some real difficulties if Sen. Ryan gets his way on tax reform. Let’s reach out to our members of Congress reminding them to watch out for the interests of those among us who on the fringes.

4.       Maribel Trujillo-Diaz, a mother of four who fled Mexico and had legal papers to remain here while her asylum case is pending was detained by ICE and is scheduled for deportation.  More details here:  Let’s join in with many others who are calling Assistant ICE Director Mark Hamilton 313-568-6037 or ICE Field Director Adducci at 313-568-6036  Here is a script we can use:  "Hi, my name is [name], and I'm calling in support of Maribel Trujillo-Diaz. She has a pending asylum case, has no criminal record in the U.S., has a US work permit, and is caring for her four children, one of whom suffers from seizures. Deporting her will do nothing to make our country safer, but it will cause irreparable damage to her and her family. Please suspend her deportation, and stop tearing families apart."

  1. From one of our own:  Please join us in biggest TwitterStorm ever, Mountain Jane Laurel worked very hard to design these tweets, Feel free to share the link to document which has click to tweets and image in your closed groups. She even made all of them click to tweets - 100 of them.  You just have to open the document link, schedule them or keep clicking at a pace that you do not lock yourself out.

  1. An Indivisible Group, Fired Up LA, has created a Thunderclap, which we can join in on that also focuses on Trump's tax returns

Other Actions

  1. This Saturday, April 15th hundreds of thousands of activists will march in over 140 cities across the nation. They will demand that Trump release his tax returns and protest against an unfair tax system that allows and encourages the wealthy and corporations to avoid paying their fair share. Tax reform is going to be the next big item on Trump's agenda and we need to make sure everyone stays involved and informed in this important issue.  We all need to sign up on and find our local march, sign up as volunteers, and help spread the word!  If we cannot attend a march, the organizers of the Tax March have provided us with a Digital Supporter Toolkit so that we can still participate!  Click here:

  1. If we are looking for opportunities to thank those who are working on our behalf, we can sign up for Postcards From Kate.  We can choose to be updated daily (M-F) or weekly and we will be emailed the “names and mailing addresses of at least one person deserving of our wholehearted thanks. For taking an action which reinforces or supports our progressive values. We believe in equal rights, access to healthcare, just and fair governance, and freedom. We don't think any party owns American values. And we believe kindness is the best policy.”

  1. If we are federal employees, here is a guide to activism resources just for us:

  1. It started with a tweet:  “A cool thing you can do today is try to find out which of your local schools have kids with overdue lunch accounts and pay them off.” Let’s join in this wonderful way to help our communities.

Petitions to Sign

  1. “We are calling on Google to remove Breitbart and other white nationalist extremist sites from its default advertising placement list and to completely remove these hateful sites from its ad services.”  Sign here: 

  1. Maribel Trujillo-Diaz’s detention show a big change in Trump’s immigration policy as she is here with legal papers:  Let’s sign here asking that her deportation be suspended so that he asylum process can continue.


  1. From Together We Will --  Activist Tools:  Tracking Legislative and Government Data:

  1. The Resistance Manual has a impressive overview of the Russian election interference, including new info on Carter Page:

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