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4/18/17 To-do List   

I am looking for a few people who are interested in being regular contributors to Rogan’s List.  If you are interested, or even curious, please send me an email and we can chat about it.  This is all volunteer (along with me), but you will know you are helping the #resistance in yet another way.  Thanks!  Susan Rogan

Contact Government Officials

Search all members of Congress here:
Fax your legislators for free:  Reps:
Find senators Twitter and Facebook Accounts here:
Find representatives on Twitter here:

If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your US postal address
to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your
STATE & FEDERAL legislative rep phone numbers.

  1. Allan Lichtman has correctly called every US presidential race since 1984.  He now claims that Trump will be impeached, however, because of the Republican majority in Congress, it will most likely need to be lead by the American people.  Let’s let our legislators know that we are ready to lead that fight.

  1. EPA is calling for public input on regulatory reform. On April 11, 2017, EPA announced it is soliciting public comments on its evaluation of existing regulations per EO 13777.  All public comments will be accessible online in our docket on the website identified by Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OA-2017-0190 Comment period ends May 15, 2017.  Submit comments by: Email: or Docket: or Mail: Office of Policy Regulatory Reform, Mail Code 1803A, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20460

  1. The Office of Government Ethics is scrambling to keep up with the workload as they are inundated with calls concerning the ethics of the Trump administration. Since they cannot investigate, they hope the House Oversight Committee, whose job it is, will.  Let’s contact the members of that committee and encourage them to do their job:

  1. From The Orange ResistanceDemand Your Member of Congress Supports an Independent Investigation into Russian Interference with the 2016 U.S. Election:

  1. Let’s look at another way to get Trump’s tax returns made public.  We could ask for his New York State tax returns. “Current New York law prohibits state tax officials from disclosing an individual’s returns, but the New York legislature could amend that law to require the state tax authority to post the president’s returns from the past quarter-century on its website.”  Let’s ask the NY legislature to amend that law for the good of the whole country.  Let’s start with their ethics committees.  NY Senate Ethics Committee: NY Assembly Ethics Committee:

Other Actions


  1. Ready to mobilize for science? The March on Science is this Saturday, April 22.  The main march is in Washington, D.C., but there are also over 500 satellite marches.  For more info and additional locations, check here:  We can also sign up here to be part of NextGen Climate’s endeavors:  

  1. Technology helps people with disabilities, the elderly and the disenfranchised vote by arranging rideshares to voting centers.  Let’s check this out and see how we can help our neighbors!

  1. Some of us have engaged in phone banking for various candidates and some of us are not quite sure how to do it.  Phone banking is an essential part of campaigns. Whether we phone in groups or individually, we can improve our skills with this short video to better educate supporters. Recruit volunteers. Obtain donations. Increase turnout.

  1. Let's keep the pressure on Fox, and demand that they fire Bill O'Reilly. UltraViolet has some great talking points, as well as the phone number for Nathaniel Brown, Fox's Vice President of Communications

  1. FBI Is still investigating Trump for colluding with Russia. Please share this image to keep this issue out front as Trump is deflecting and distracting us with other issues.  Remember, what is going on is nor normal.

  1. For better results in 2018, the Democratic Party should spend more money on increasing voter turnout than on ads. Let’s ask the DNC to look how money can better spent.

  1. Let’s all join in with the Tax March folks and sign on for the work ahead in seeking Trump’s tax returns and to show that we stand for transparency and fairness in tax reform:

  1. Here’s another way we can help get out the vote!  Spread the Vote will help Americans get the ID they need to vote.  Take a look around their website then click here to volunteer to help:  We can also like them on Facebook: and/or follow them on Twitter:  @SpreadTheVoteUS

  1. The Center for American Progress Action Fund has come up with a way for us to tell if Trump is at Mar-a-Lago and just how much money he’s spent while traveling there.  To make it more interesting, it also translates for us what those dollars mean in services.


Petitions to Sign


  1. Early reporting of Trump's tax reform proposal shows that the corporate tax rate and payroll taxes would have huge cuts, meaning Social Security would need a new funding source.  Let's tell our MoC that we cannot lose funding for Social Security. CREDO Action has a petition we can sign:

  1. The White House meeting to discuss the Paris Agreement is scheduled for today.  Let’s join the Sierra Club in telling Trump to keep our promise and our commitment to this important international climate change agreement.


  1. A fascinating, albeit disturbing analysis of what motivated voters in the 2016 election:

  1. Rolling Stone tried to warn us last August of some shady voter suppression activity.  The Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program is not as innocent as it may sound.

  1. Here’s another one who shows us what Christianity should look like:

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