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1/18/17  To-do List                                                            

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  1. Outraged that Chairman Lamar Alexander only allowed one round of questions of 5 minutes each for the Devos Cabinet hearing? Then call / write Sen. Alexander to insist that Senators get at least a second round of questions: 202-224-4944.

  1. While you are at it, call everyone on the HELP Committee to express your outrage at this sham of a hearing for such an important office:  If you are told that President Obama’s education secretary hearings only lasted two hours, remind the person that is because those people were qualified. 

  1. GS-USA has confirmed that the Girls Scouts are participating in the inauguration, citing "tradition". Given Trump’s objectification and abuse of women, this is not a time to defer to tradition and subordinate women. The Girl Scouts are taking note of feedback calls. Please urge the organization to act in accordance with their values: being honest and fair, and taking responsibility for one's words and actions.  Call them at 800-478-7248.

  1. It seems that Mary Englebreit is coming in for a lot of flack for providing a free download for the Women’s March.  Please go to her FB page and show some support for her.  Do not get into arguments with others!

  1. Woman to Woman ( is asking that we all make Friday, January 20 a NO SHOPPING Day across the country. Use the "Power of the Purse." Let's show Washington that women have power; we hold the purse strings! No groceries, clothing, eating out or online purchases! Keep your money out of the marketplace.  In tandem with that, Grab Your Wallet (  lists at least 40 companies that do business with the Trump family. Don't buy from them! The website also lists another 40 entities to consider boycotting. 

  1. Not only is Chase indirectly funding the DAPL who is installing the pipeline at Standing Rock, ('s-banking-dakota-access-pipeline) but they are directly funding this Friday’s inauguration ( Chase Customers: time to divest and move your savings to a local Credit Union. Outraged, but not a Chase customer? Why not share this news with folks in your network who have "liked" Chase's facebook page (  Once you've removed funds, be sure to add your efforts to the divestment tally (

  1. The Live Protest Channel on Facebook will be sharing footage from the marches and protests happening January 21st.  If anyone you know will be marching/protesting on January 20th / 21st, please film and share your footage, as well as Your Name and/or Organization, City and State of your March/Protest with  Theliveprotestchannel@gmail.comAnyone is welcome to post Live Facebook footage to this group as well. They will be editing film AS SOON as it comes in and launched shortly after.

  1. Not everyone will be going to a march on Saturday, but there are other ways you can still take part in this historic day:

  1. A member of a FB group was told by a Daily Beast reporter that Democratic senators are telling him that they are disappointed that constituents have not called more about Jeff Sesssions for Attorney General. I imagine most think their Democratic senators are on top of things - but they need to hear from us. Please call tomorrow and voice your opposition.  Find your elected officials here:  Find members of the Judiciary Committee here:

  1. MomsRising has partnered with the Women’s March on Washington. Visit their site at to let them know you’ll be at one of the Women’s Marches, and they’ll e-mail you resources and downloadable signs and buttons that can be printed out.

  1. From MomsRising:  “In early February, we’ll be delivering a book of personal experiences about needing access to healthcare, affordable high-quality childcare, sick days, fair pay, criminal justice, paid family leave, and more directly to every single member of Congress to let them know what’s really going on with families in our nation.” Want to contribute? Share your story here:

  1. Urge Congress to help protect healthcare for all. MomsRising has easy-to-fill-in forms online to help you send a Letter to the Editor at your local newspaper. They even include a sample letter and talking points. Check it out here:

  1. Reading Material: Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) of Southwest Michigan has a handout titled “Talking About Race in Social Justice Movements.” With the Women’s Marches coming up, this is a timely read that can help us learn how race intersects with the issues we’re marching for/against. Check out the handout here:

  1. Required Reading for NGtvdWhyVDJxTjlv/view  Find your local SURJ chapter or affiliated group: the upcoming marches and rallies, ACLU has a handy PDF titled “Knowing Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests” here:

  1. If you are taking a child to a march, consider picking up these books for before or after marching:  The Youngest Marcher and We’ve Got a Job

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