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1/31/17  To-do List                                                             

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  1. Just so you all know, President Obama is on our side. He said so.

  1. If you know/hear of anyone being detained at any airport under Trump's Executive Order, call the ACLU hotline at 415-621-2488. People are on standby to file habeas petitions to get folks out as soon as possible. Spread widely. 

  1. This past weekend, Trump removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council. He replaced them with Steve Bannon. Bannon has no government, intelligence, or high-level military experience; his experience is leading a propaganda outlet (Breitbart News) that peddles nationalist and white nationalist viewpoints.  ( )  This would be deeply concerning in and of itself. But one of the jobs of the NSC is to oversee a secret panel that authorizes the assassination of “enemies of the United States Government” – including American citizens. These targeted killings are fully authorized by law under the Congressional military authorization act following 9/11. There is no trial, no due process, and no public record of the decision or the assassination itself.  Just to recap the absurdity: the President of the United States has appointed a known propagandist, nationalist, and white supremacist to replace the highest military advisor in the country on a council that authorizes secret, legal, targeted killings of American citizens (and others) without due process.  Call your federal senators, representatives, attorneys general, and state governors this week and demand that they publicly and legislatively oppose Trump’s appointment of Steven Bannon to the NSC.  Find them here:

  1. If you want to track the reactions of your federal legislators and your state governors regarding the Muslim ban, check here (includes statements, links, and contact info:

  1. From one of our own:  Paul Ryan's and Mitch McConnell's offices are not taking phone calls. This from Senator Peters office just now, when I asked if we, the people, have no recourse to what is happening. She said, "Ordinarily, I would encourage you to call their offices, but we have just been informed that their offices are not taking calls."  Time to call your legislators and ask why this is happening!  Find them here:

  1. Anyone for coffee?  Let’s support Starbucks, which has vowed to hire 10,000 refugees after Trump’s travel ban.

  1. It seems that the right is now calling for boycotts against Starbucks for their vow to hire refugees.  They are also receiving negative calls and comments.  Let’s thanking them for their stand,  Call:  800-782-7282  or make some comments on their FB page: or on Twitter @Starbucks

  1. The ACLU is seeking a second hearing on Sessions for Attorney General given the reported involvement of Senator Sessions in recent executive orders, they request that the committee hold a second hearing with Senator Sessions to consider the position of the nominee on the extraordinary claims of executive authority, and the grave dangers to civil liberties and civil rights, posed by the actions taken and proposed by President Donald Trump over the past few days. Please contact members of the Judiciary Committee and voice your support: as well as your own senators:

  1. Please join the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in a powerful chorus of voices across America to reject the hate and extremism that is infecting the new administration.  Bannon, the man who rallied the white nationalist movement behind Donald Trump, is now a permanent member of the National Security Council, giving him more access to our national security intelligence than the Joint Chiefs of Staff.   We cannot forget that this is the man, who, in his own words, turned the Breitbart News website into “the platform for the alt-right.” The alt-right is simply a rebranding of white nationalism for the digital age.  Sign here:

  1. Expressing yourself can also be done by where you choose to spend your money.  This site should help you decided:

  1. Required reading: “Trial Balloon for a Coup?” and a counterpoint,Weak and Incompetent Leaders act like Strong Leaders”

  1. From RISE Stronger:  Important individual state actions – check for your state here:
  1. Request that DOJ Acting Director Dana Boente investigate Donald J Trump and Stephen Bannon for: 

a)      Violating the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, with his 01/27/2017 Executive Order titled, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” which bans immigration for people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.
b)      Refusing to obey the 01/28/2017 Federal Court-Ordered Stays on his 01/27/2017 Executive Order.
c)      For illegal discrimination against individuals of the Muslim faith by his 01/27/2017 Executive Order not permitting people presumed to be of the Muslim faith to enter the United States, even if they have legal status.
d)      For illegal discrimination against legally present individuals from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia, by not permitting them to enter the United States, based on their alienage and religious beliefs, pursuant to the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, and unjustifiable by any standard of review.

Contact the United States Department of Justice (Phone: 202-353-1555) or…/w…/your-message-department-justice).  Contact ALL your legislators as well:

  1. From one of our own:  While Uber's CEO will be on an advisory board for Trump, Lyft will be donating $1,000,000 per year for the next four years to ACLU. ( 0170129-story.html) If you haven't already made the switch, look into it. Then, don't just delete the app- delete your account so you can tell them why. (Must be done on the browser, not in the app- google "delete Uber account")

  1. If you need a quick refresher on how laws are made, check here:

  1. (Bill) Moyers and Company helps us see the difference between voter fraud, election fraud, and voter suppression:

  1. From Damsels in Defiance:  We are launching a emergency postcard avalanche for Mike Pence this Wednesday through Friday. Here the details.

  1. Call your representatives in the House and tell them to oppose the Congressional Review Act- a bill meant to nullify the Cardin-Lugar Amendment (an anti-corruption act). Read more about the proposed bill and the amendment here:

  1. Attorneys General across the country are speaking out against the executive order on immigration. 15 AGs have signed a joint statement condemning the order, and Washington's Attorney General is suing Trump over the ban on immigration. Call your state's attorney general, and ask what they're doing to protect against discrimination.  Washington state has already filed a lawsuit against Trump over the ban:

  1. FiveThirtyEight has created a resource that tracks how often members of congress vote with/against POTUS:

  1. Some journalists have reported Facebook posts critical of Trump being switched to private after making publicly available. With that in mind, periodically double check that you are reaching your intended audience on Facebook.  By the way, this woman would be good to follow.  She is an upcoming voice of journalistic integrity.

  1. From Justice for Our Neighbors:  Elected officials must understand the broad support for welcoming refugees and other newcomers. Please call your local, state, and national leaders — tell them where you’re from, why you care about refugees, and urge them to support the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Click here for more information including a sample call script from our friends at Refugee Council USA:

  1. From Justice for Our Neighbors:  We are all hearing stories of people around the country and around the world who are directly affected by the Executive Order. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HAIS) developed this form to collect and share these stories to illustrate the widespread devastation of Trumps’ policy: These stories can include:  1)  People detained at ports of entry, 2)  Refugees who were expecting to come to the U.S. (in the “pipeline”), 3) U.S. residents who were expecting their family members to join them in the U.S., 4) Communities and congregations who were expecting to welcome refugees (i.e. furnishing apartments, collecting donations, etc.) By filling out the form, you are ranting permission for these stories to be told publicly.  No identifying information will be used. Photos are encouraged. Please contact with any questions.


  1. Not sure how to make a request for a new action but there is this I have sent out to my followers:

    *** Call to Action***
    If you feel as strongly as I do, please contact Alexander and Corker on this:
    In regards to the appointment of Steve Bannon to the NSC:
    As one of your constituents I would like to formally request that the Senate force the White House to comply with 50 U.S. Code § 3021 - National Security Council - "Section (a) (6) - the Secretaries and Under Secretaries of other executive departments and of the military departments, when appointed by the President by and with the ADVICE AND CONSENT OF THE SENATE, to serve at his pleasure."
    I and many other of my friends and family have grave concerns about this individual having any voice whatsoever, or even information in regards, to National Security Council information. We would like to see our concerns voiced in a hearing by our Senators.
    Thank you

    1. This is one way. You can also send to me via email. Thanks much!

  2. Tried to email Senator Cory Gardener re Steve Bannon, but the email on his website refused to send my polite and thoughtful email. After filling out the long form required to send a message, it was very frustrating and discouraging. Any idea where to find actual *working* email addresses for our elected officials. Have tried two or three i found on line and none worked.

  3. Emailing legislators is no easy task and calling is more effective, but why not try this route:

    Let me know how it works for you!

    1. Thanks! This seems to work and is relatively easy to do. No way of knowing what happens after you click send. Do you know for sure that my email will actually get through?


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