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1/14/17  To-do List                                                            

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  1. Tomorrow, Sunday the 15th, across the country there will be rallies to Save Healthcare (#OurFirstStand), many of them led by Members of Congress. Find a rally near you and let's demonstrate that we won't go back to the way things were before the ACA! A list of events and social media materials is available at Sen. Sanders website:

  1. Since the procedural votes to begin the repeal of the ACA have passed in both the House and the Senate, please take the time to call/write your legislators who voted for keeping it and thank them for watching out for the healthcare of so many Americans.  Find your legislators:

  1. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) has been a guiding light his entire life for standing up for civil rights.  Please like his page and maybe add to the supportive comments in his top posts. Trump supporters are trouncing Lewis for not attending the inauguration. You can also thank him via Twitter:  @repjohnlewis or here:

  1. In a similar vein, only ONE Republican congressperson has stood up to Trump concerning his bad mouthing of Rep. John Lewis.  Let’s thank Sen. Sasse (R-NE) for being the only Republican to defend civil rights hero John Lewis.  Let’s hope his courage will empower his colleagues.  Contact him here:

  1. Please join Americans for Responsible Solutions in telling Congress any effort to make it easier for people to purchase dangerous gun silencers.

  1. For some insight, in their own words, on why women voted for Trump, this is an interesting read:

  1. Yesterday, Friday, Jan. 12, Rep. Ted Lieu  (D-CA) released a statement regarding Russian espionage and influence on the 2016 Presidential election ( the statement, Rep. Lieu said that after reviewing highly classified intelligence, he asserts that “Russian hacking of Americans and American political organizations during the 2016 US Presidential election was multifaceted and brazen” and that he believes that “Trump is actively misleading Americans when he says the Russians did not attempt to help his chances.” Rep. Lieu has called on every member of Congress to call on Trump to stop lying to the American people. Late on Friday, Sen. Burr (R-NC) reversed his decision and said that his Intelligence Committee WILL investigate the alleged Russia-Trump links.  Backstory:  Please contact members of the Senate Intelligence Committee to voice your approval of this move and of your grave concerns for our country:  Also, contact your senators with the same message:

  1. During the Obama/Biden years we saw a fundamental shift in how the nation approaches LGBT equality.  Let’s join Fight for Equality and thank them:

  1. Sign up here with Sen. Gillibrand to stand against Trump and his anti-woman agenda:

  1. Earlier this week Elizabeth Warren introduced Senate Bill 65, the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act. Call the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee members ( in your state to urge the committee to support and act on SB.65.  If you are a constituent of a state not represented on the committee, call the Chairman Ron Johnson (WI-R) at (202) 224-5323 & Ranking Member Claire McCaskill (MO-D) at (202) 224-6154.

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