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1/10/17  To-do List                                                             

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  1. America Will Be has a mission is to organize and support people across America as they advocate to protect our liberal, tolerant values, and to help the middle and working class.  Sign up for weekly action items!

  1. Democratic legislators are staging rally or an event in their home states on Sunday, January 15 for a day of action, “Our First Stand:  Save Health Care”.  Scroll down on this page to see where these rallies are happening:

  1. Call your senators to tell them to support Bernie's budget amendment to prevent Republicans from making cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  Find your senators here:

  1. Having passed in the House, The Midnight Rules Act (will allow Congress to disapprove multiple rules finalized near the end of a president’s term in one single vote) and the REINS Act (which the Tea Party has been trying to make law since 2010 and will effectively gives one chamber of Congress veto power over any new significant public health and safety protection) are moving on to the Senate.  Call your senators and tell them to oppose these to dangerous bills.  Find your senators here:

  1. Let’s join Friends of the Earth in telling our senators not to approve Pruitt for the head of EPA.  Pruitt has built his career denying climate change and suing the EPA. He’s even part of a secretive alliance between fossil fuel companies and anti-environment attorneys general – and fossil fuel interests have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting him.

  1. Consider joining your senators in “Our First Stand” (this one for healthcare) rallies around the country on Sunday, January 15.  If you scroll down on this page, you will see the locations:

  1. wants to help you organize a community meeting on Sunday, January 15 to resist Trump:

  1. CALL the Ethics Committee to have the four HELP committee members who have taken $ from DeVos recused from her nomination hearing. ETHICS COMMITTEE  MEMBERS:  Johnny Isakson, Georgia, Chair (R) Atlanta 770.661.0999 DC 202.224.3643;  Pat Roberts, Kansas (R) Kansas (913) 451-9343 DC (202) 224-4774;
    Jim Risch, Idaho (R) Idaho 208-342-7985 DC 202-224-2752;
    Chris Coons, Delaware, Vice Chair (D) Wilmington (302) 573-6345 DC (202) 224-5042;
    Brian Schatz, Hawaii (D) Honolulu (808) 523-2061 DC (202) 224-3934;
    Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire (D) Manchester (603) 647-7500 DC 202.224.2841

  1. Let’s not forget to make the time to thank our legislators who vote and support values that are important to us all.  Find your legislators here:

  1. Since Paul Ryan's office is not accepting petitions, phone calls or faxes regarding the repeal of Plan Parenthood and ACA here is another way to get his attention. Call, email fax news organizations asking them to find out why.  We would like some answers as to how we are suppose to contact our representatives and express our voices when they refuse to hear our voices.  In addition to  contacting your local news media, here is a list of national:

  1. Another suggestion to get through to Sen. Ryan is through his Speaker of the House capacity by phone: (202) 225-0600 or fax: (202) 225-2012 or Twitter:  @speaker ryan.

  1. While it may be a long shot, Voices of Millions Coalition is asking everyone in this nation to make their voices heard by contacting elected officials, protesting, and taking other actions to make their demand for a new election known. They have presented the courts with what attorneys are saying is a solid case for voiding the 2016 elections and have several cases pending. They will pursue this matter all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary.

  1. Time to shift focus to the Republicans senators who are realizing the folly of repealing the ACA without a replacement.  Call and thank them for not being foolhardy with American citizens' health and an important economic engine. If they do not vote for repeal and replace, the necessary majority will be lost.  The senators are Portman (OH), Collins (ME), Cassidy (LA) and Murkowski (AL).  Locate senators here:

  1. Our calling is working! The DeVos confirmation hearing by the HELP Committee has been delayed a week.  Let’s keep up the good work of calling/writing/faxing!  Here is a link to the senators on the education committee who will be evaluating DeVos on January 17 for the position of Secretary of Education.  Please use the link provided here to let them know how you feel about her nomination.

  1. The Puzder confirmation hearing, also by the HELP Committee, for the Labor Secretary nominee, will have his hearing pushed back possibly to February in part due to incomplete ethics review. The pressure we are helping generate is helping unravel this confirmation process. Keep up the opposition by using the link above to the same senators! 

  1. Forty-seven Republican Senators just voted against shielding Medicare and Medicaid funding from the budget act, opening the way to defunding them.  If your Senator is on the list of Nay votes, they voted against shielding Medicare and Medicaid. Call their offices.  Time to call the senators who voted “nay”!   Help save Medicare and Medicaid!   Locate senators here:

  1. Republican Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona is on both the Foreign Relations and Judiciary Committees, and he has a formidable opponent in the primary in his home state named Kelli Ward. So.... since we can threaten to give his opponent's campaign funds, we can probably call from anywhere and say that we will be watching how if he votes to confirm Sessions and Tillerson this week. Here is the DC number - you have to press 5 to leave a message with a live person. 202-224-4521.  Script if you need one: Hi my name is _____ and I wanted Senator Flake to know that I'll be watching what he does on both the Foreign Relations and Judiciary Committee hearings and I will be making a donation to Kelli Ward's primary campaign if he votes to confirm Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson this week.  If you want to follow up with a postcard: Senate Russell Office Building 413, Washington, D.C. 20510

  1. In recognition of National Migration Week (January 8 – 14, 2017), urge the new Administration and Congress to uphold the dignity of all migrants and refugees, both here in the U.S. and abroad.

  1. Take the time to locate and “like” your federal, state, and local legislator’s FB pages.  They need to have a better representation of us in the comments!

  1. Apparently, Sen. Graham's office said they are receiving primarily negative calls about Graham and McCain's "Meet the Press " interview. Let’s call and support these two Republican senators who are willing to look closely at the hacking and who are urging bipartisanship.  ).  Locate senators here:

  1. Let’s join the Mountaineers, community built around passion for the outdoors, in telling Congress not to give away our public lands!

  1. Adults and children with developmental disabilities, mental illness and/or emotional disturbance face severe consequences if the ACA is repealed without adequate and immediate replacement or reform.  Please join ARC, the largest national community-based organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in helping to save the lifeline for so many:

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