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The Rogan's List Team is on vacation from July 30 through August 13, but because of the extension of the Senate calendar we have decided to run a smaller list during this time. We look forward to being back to the full list on August 14.

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1.       This week in Congress: The House is on recess until Sept. 5.  The Senate will be in session through Friday, Aug. 11.  The one item on the schedule right now for Monday, July 31 is continued consideration of the nomination of Kevin Newson of Alabama as a judge of the US Court, 11th Circuit.  Let's tell our Senators that we oppose Newsom.  "As Alabama's solicitor general, he spent much of his time defending the state’s ability to execute people, and in 2005, he expressed regret at the Supreme Court’s ruling that it is unconstitutional to execute juveniles." Let's also stay vigilant in watching for nominee confirmation hearings and a possible additional try at Trumpcare. 

2.      Trump had a vigorous tweet-storm on Saturday about health care and other topics. There are signals from the GOP in the Senate that their health care efforts are not done:  Please let your Senators know that they need to return to a respectful and dignified path of bipartisan committee work with hearings and opportunity for comment if their goal is to improve health care in the United States.

3.      It is becoming clearer that Trump broadsided military brass with his ill-conceived transgender military ban as announced via Twitter while Secretary of Defense Mattis was on vacation:  Let’s use this time to express our concern to Secretary Mattis about the ban and about what Trump’s process signals about making critical decisions in the future: Secretary James Mattis, 1000 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC, 20301

4.      We know that Trump wants Sessions out of the AG position and he could have his golden opportunity while the Senate is on recess in August because if the Senate is not in session for ten days in a row, Trump could make a replacement that does not require confirmation.  However, before they leave, the Senate could invoke a procedural option called "pro forma sessions," during which they are on recess only three days at time thereby requiring a Senate confirmation for any appointment. Let's contact our senators and ask them to do just this.

Other Actions

1.       The vast majority of Americans think money has too much influence in politics, and with the opportunity to fill a Supreme Court seat with someone who understands that money isn’t speech lost to Trump we’re going to need to elect politicians who will amend the Constitution. ( Let’s join American Promise in asking candidates to take the pledge to end unlimited spending our elections. We can sign up here, and register here for a conference call on their candidate pledge effort August 1st.

2.      The Action Group Network is holding virtual and in-person Resistance 101 trainings throughout August to connect folks with skills, resources and coaching to keep resisting in the long term. After the training, you’ll be connected with a dedicated and experienced coach who is available to support you long term as you develop strategies, plan actions and tackle challenges head on. Those of us who are interested can register at this link.

3.      Amy Siskind is keeping track of all of the not-normal things that happen each week because "experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember."  Let's read and reflect upon last week's list, week 37.

Rogan’s List is a participant in and strategic partner of the Action Alliance,
            a loosely-federated group of organizations that, in the wake of the
2016 election, are sharing daily or weekly calls to action.
Other member sites are listed here:  --scroll down and click through and you'll find many more opportunities to make a difference.
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