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(link correction) LGBTQ RIGHTS: Right now, there is a movement taking place across the U.S. to ban conversion therapy for minors at the state level ( The American Medical Association (AMA) has also announced that they are supporting a U.S. ban on this widely discredited practice at both the state and federal level ( Let's contact our MoC and ask them to work with both the AMA and LGBTQ+ advocacy groups to draft legislation that will ban conversion therapy at every level. We can use talking points drafted by the American Medical Association here.

IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS: After whining about due process, Trump and his lawyers sent word that they will not participate in Wednesday’s hearing:  Let’s let our MoC know that we expect them to show greater respect for the process than the president does and that the evidence makes clear that impeachment is needed.

IMMIGRANT ENTRAPMENT:  In a perverse coming together of the unchecked privatization of higher education and the determination of the Department of Homeland Security to entrap immigrants, DHS created a bogus college in Michigan; when foreign students applied there to get US visas—a usual process for international students—they were arrested and deported, some of them held in detention centers: Having lured unsuspecting foreign students, DHS now claims they fraudulently applied for student visas and should, somehow, have known the college was bogus—despite its resemblance to the for-profit universities Education Secretary Betsy DeVos refuses to close or even sanction:  Let’s tell DHS what we think of their actions:  202-282-8495 or  -- and point out to DeVos that if bogus for-profit colleges were not ignored by her department, DHS might find this kind of entrapment more difficult:  800-872-5327 or U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20202. 

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT (VAWA): After refusing to negotiate the House-passed VAWA reauthorization (H.R. 1585), arguing against a provision which would preclude individuals who have been convicted of misdemeanor stalking and/or domestic abuse crimes from purchasing guns ( a group of Senate republicans have introduced their own reauthorization, S. 2920 ( The bill not only removes the firearm restrictions, but also the provisions for preventing discrimination of LGBTQ people in shelters, and would strip protections of Native American women ( Let's contact our senators and tell them that we want them to pass the House version of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act ASAP. If our Senator is among those who introduced the limited S. 2920, let's be sure to contact them and hold them accountable for attacking the rights of domestic abuse survivors.

TRUMP INTERFERES IN NAVY GALLAGHER CASE AGAIN: “A Navy official confirmed that Trump does have the authority to order the revocation of the awards, and that Spencer, accordingly, planned to rescind them. The news site Task & Purpose was first to report that the Navy's Regional Legal Service Office in San Diego had presented Navy Achievement Medals to four military attorneys involved in the Gallagher case.”  “An attorney for Navy SEAL chief Edward "Eddie" Gallagher also represents the Trump Organization, CNN has learned, just days after reports surfaced indicating the President is considering pardoning Gallagher of charges that could constitute war crimes.” Justice does not get served in this administration, if you have friends in the right places you get favors. It’s a QUID PRO QUO administration and the pattern is apparent in the Demands made to Ukraine.  Call your MOCs and ask them to support the impeachment process.  Call, write or tweet trump and ask him to let the military courts follow their own procedures and stop interfering for friends. 

STOP NEW FOOD STAMPS RULES:  New food stamp regulations proposed by the Trump Administration could cause millions of food insecure families to lose food stamps. What a wonderful way to kickoff the holiday season.  While the comment period for these regulations closed yesterday, we can still contact Secretary of Agriculture: 1-202-720-2791 or to express our concern. Let’s also ask our MoCs to put pressure on the administration to make sure that these regulations are not enacted. 

DHS LACKED TECHNOLOGY TO ACCOUNT FOR FAMILY SEPARATIONS: And for yet another, even more horrifying reason to demand the defunding of ICE, a recent report by the inspector general revealed that DHS knew it did not have tracking systems in place when it separated migrant families, which made reunification extremely difficult, and at times impossible. The report also notes that the administration aimed to separate five times as many families as they actually did, that the program cost nearly $1 million taxpayer dollars in overtime work, and that the practice persisted, even after an executive order was assigned to end the practice in June 2018. Let’s make sure that our MoCs know that we do not want to see any of our taxpayer dollars going to an agency whose policies have gone far beyond protecting our borders to cruel and abusive treatment of children and families.

FREE ONLINE SKILLS TRAINING FOR VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF FROM DEMLABS: If we, or our groups, are looking for ways to give our staff and volunteers the skills they need to be more effective activist and organizers, we can check out this these five  free online learning platforms DemLabs has organized for us. They have drawn together Best Practices training from Organizing for American, Midwest Academy and other highly experienced groups and put them in clear accessible formats for us to use.  We can click here for free, high quality, ready to use volunteer and staff online trainings on canvassing, phone banking, digital work, strategic planning and framing issues:

PROTECT DEMOCRACY IS LOOKING FOR STAFF: Protect Democracy, a cross-partisan team dedicated to preventing American democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government, is looking for new staff members. If we are interested in joining a group that has used the courts, media, legislatures to effectively shut down the Pence-Kobach Voter Suppression-oriented “Voter Integrity Commission,” challenged Trump’s  fake “Border Emergency” funding raid and is gearing up for new challenges, we can check out the organization’s information and position descriptions here. They are especially interested in people based in PA, TX, AZ, MI, WI, GA, NC and FL. If we’re in one of those states, we can include the state name in the subject line when applying:

POSTCARDING ISSUES:  From one of our own:  You can find this week's postcarding write-ups here:


2020 ELECTIONS: If we are looking for 2020 Election information or if we have some to share, we can check out Equal Vote Local’s BlueWave Database 2020. We can click here to find information about candidates, voting and more arranged by state. This editable document also allows us to add our groups and any candidates running for office:  We can also find out more about Equal here at their website:

STATES WITH OUTSIZE ROLES IN 2020 ELECTIONS. RollCall has compiled information for us by region. a) EAST: Maine and Pennsylvania. b) MIDWEST: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin. c) SOUTH: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina. d) WEST: Texas. Let's read about our own region and/or state as we prepare for 2020.

POSTCARDERS WANTED. Postcards To Voters' experienced a Thanksgiving holiday slowdown. Tony the Democrat sent out a call to action: We need more volunteers to work on Campaign 185 for the Houston Texas runoff election on Saturday, Dec. 14.  Let's request 5 addresses today.

FREE VOTER ID INFO CARDS—The organization Vote Riders has wallet-sized cards with voter ID requirements for each of the 50 states and DC. The cards are available in English and Spanish. They will print and ship cards for free to registered 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. Let’s click here to learn more and order cards:


FL: DEFEAT MATT GAETZ IN 2020: “Florida Democrats have identified 27,876 unregistered Democrats in Rep. Matt Gaetz's Congressional District. For just $1 you can send a return postage pre-paid voter registration form to one of them.” Let’s get these voters registered by chipping in here:


CLIMATE STRIKE: The climate crisis is accelerating and slowing it down will require our sustained attention and effort, and that climate strike we marched in back in September was just the beginning. On December 6th, as world leaders gather at the UN’s annual climate conference, young people across America will join a national #ClimateStrike to take the momentum from September to our elected officials’ doorsteps. Climate change is the biggest issue humanity has ever faced, so let's all pledge to help our kids tackle it, here:  We can also join in Jane Fonda’s  Fire Drill Fridays:

FLU SHOTS FOR DETAINED MIGRANTS: The group Doctors for Camp Closure (D4CC) has been trying to get flu vaccinations for people in CBP detention. They are being ignored, so that are planning an action. If we are in the Southern California area from Dec 9 through Dec 11, let’s sign up to protest:

IMPEACHMENT PROTEST: The impeachment hearings are moving forward full-steam with a transition to the Judiciary Committee:  There are now 345 protests planned for the night before the impeachment vote (date to be determined).  Let’s make sure we are signed up for one (or organizing one if none of them are near us): 


Lisa Page Speaks: ‘There’s No Fathomable Way I Have Committed Any Crime at All’ -

Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against -

House Democrats have passed nearly 400 bills. Trump and Republicans are ignoring them. - House Democrats have passed nearly 400 bills. Trump and Republicans are ignoring them.


We can stay up to date on Congress by checking out their schedules. a) The House publishes a weekly schedule at The Weekly Leader (published and dated Friday) as well as daily schedules at The Daily Leader. b) The Senate updates their schedule daily at the Senate Floor Schedule

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