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Many newspapers, including New York Times and Washington Post require subscriptions, but without one we can see a few articles each month.  We can also check with our local libraries to find out how to get online access through them.

1.       There are less than 300 comments and the deadline for commenting on the anti-protest rules Trump and Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke  have proposed is this MONDAY, OCTOBER 15;  these rules would impose steep fees and costs on demonstrators as well as placing onerous restrictions on all demonstrations in Washington, D.C that use parkland controlled by the National Park Service---that includes the National Mall, Lafayette Park, the White House Sidewalk, Lincoln Memorial, the Ellipse, Freedom Plaza, and the sidewalks and parkland along Pennsylvania Avenue, including the sidewalk in front of the Trump Hotel. For more information:  We can go here to submit comments: 

2.      Two critical immigration rule change public comment deadlines are coming up:  One is the NOVEMBER 6th deadline for comment on “Apprehension, Processing, Care, and Custody of Alien Minors and Unaccompanied Alien Children,” which contravenes the standards set in the Flores Settlement Agreement meant to ensure children be treated with “dignity, respect and special concern for their particular vulnerability as minors.” To comment, go to   The second is a DECEMBER 10 deadline to comment on “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds,” which would retroactively prohibit citizenship for green card holders who had ever used SNAP food stamps, Medicaid, or a whole array of other social services. To comment, go to

3.      A sobering report from the UN is predicting that we are headed for an environmental crisis much sooner than expected. Meanwhile, the administration continues to deny climate change and set policies in favor of the fossil fuel industry, the very thing we need to curtail. Let’s review this article from Vox on things we can do, on both a personal and policy level, and ask our MoCs to intervene. We need to press upon them, for the future of our grandchildren and our planet’s survival.

4.      House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will be introducing legislation this week to fully fund Trump’s border wall.  Let’s make sure to tell our MoCs that we think the wall is a waste of taxpayer money as it will not do what it is expected to do.

5.      Pitting farmers against environmentalists, Trump has signed a memo to the EPA, advising them to lift restrictions of summertime sales of E15, a high-ethanol gas that may be detrimental to the environment, and can cause corrosion in older vehicles ( In order for the EPA to take action, they must go through the rule-making process, which means that they will make a proposal that is open to public comment. Let's read up on the effects of E15 by checking out the cited studies here, then use that to inform our comments when the proposal is published at the Federal Register.

6.      Why is the executive branch writing immigration law without consulting Congress? "On September 22, the Trump administration formally announced a proposed regulation that would dramatically broaden the 'public charge' test that has been a part of federal immigration law for decades. The new rule could force immigrant families to choose between permanent legal status and their ability to access basic needs like healthy food, safe housing, and health care. Now, people across the country are speaking out against the inhumane policy by posting public comments on this extreme and cruel regulation. We have an opportunity to stop or disrupt this rule change, but we need to come together now and fight back." Let's get more information on this regulation and post our comment by clicking here: 

7.      While Trump proclaims climate change a “hoax” and chooses to ignore the new IPCC report on its effects over the next two or three decades ( ), Hurricane Michael smashed into the Florida panhandle on Wednesday and the question of its intensity and its relation to global warming remains an open one:  We must demand that the White House and our MoCs take climate science seriously and impose regulations that respond to the ongoing environmental crisis. And we need, especially now that his racism and conspiracy peddling is public- --to put pressure on the former coal lobbyist, now acting head of the EPA Andrew Wheeler: 202-564-4700 or @EPAAWheeler or Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20460.

Election 2018 – General

1.       Date correction:     The free VoteWithMe app uses the public voter files to tell us which of our phone contacts didn't vote in 2014 or 2016, and gives us an way to nudge them to vote in 2018. The app was used in the PA-18 to help Conor Lamb get elected, and in controlled trial found that it was 20x more effective than canvassing. This is great for volunteers who aren't able to show up for things in person or who don't like talking to strangers. We can find out about the app  In addition to electronic distribution, we can find many other resources for in-person events. We can them out here: 

2.      Each time there is a mass shooting, the issue of regulating firearms gets more attention, and there is added pressure for our MoC on both sides of the aisle to take legislative action to fight these tragedies. However, in the year since the Las Vegas shooting, which killed 58 people and injured hundreds more, Congress has not even imposed regulation of bump stocks, though legislation was introduced just days after the shooting (S. 1916/H.R. 3947). Let's make sure that in the upcoming election, we are supporting candidates who will support gun violence prevention and gun safety legislation. We can find volunteer opportunities to phone bank and canvas during a weekend of action starting October 13th by using Everytown For Gun Safety's Gun Sense Candidates action tool. We can also make sure that we are Gun Sense Voters by using Moms Demand Action's Gun Sense Candidate lookup tool.

3.      This primer on "The 10 most important Senate elections, explained" is helpful to understand how to concentrate our efforts. For those of us in strongly blue states: we can sign up to phone bank/write postcards for/donate to any Senate race we want, even if we're not in that state!

4.      Are you a student of voting age? Do you know any? If so, this handy and useful guide to registering and voting as a student should be of interest: Time is growing short, but there's still enough to get some new voters voting!

5.      California's congressional district 22 is the seat is currently held by Republican Devin Nunes, one of the most vocal Trump loyalists in all of Washington. We have the opportunity to write postcards for his Democratic challenger with Postcards To Voters' Campaign 118: Andrew Janz, currently the Deputy District Attorney in Fresno. Nunes remains popular in this district. Let's write 5 cards today to get out the Democratic vote for Andrew Janz. If we are new volunteers, we can sign up here.

6.      Uber has joined Lyft in offering rides to voters for the midterm elections. Lyft announced in August that it will offer half-priced rides to all voters in the US on Election Day. And for under-served communities and those voters with transportation barriers, all rides will be free. Uber announced last Thursday that it's offering free rides to the polls for those people who say transportation barriers are why they don't vote. Let's read more at CNET. Let's spread the word to anyone we know who has transportation challenges.

7.      From one of our own:  Can you tell I'm getting in the mood for Halloween? It's not easy with GOTV on the brain, so why not mix the two? Print this handy dandy flyer to give out to parents of trick or treaters this Halloween. Let's SCARE THE HELL OUT THE GOP THIS NOV. 6TH!  Color version: Black/white version:

8.     If we are involved in film or video or know someone who is, here’s a great way to channel some anger and frustration: using our super powers to help make video content.  A group of activists Is working hard to make free videos for female progressive candidates (from Congresswomen to City Council Women).  These candidates have all been vetted and are in races against REPUBLICAN pro-life, pro NRA candidates.  What’s needed: Crew and equipment that can volunteer on productions in several states. We can also help by donating points/miles to fly crew in.  #womenforthewin. This week and next are crucial. We can find out more and Sign up here:

9.      In 2012, Black voters swung the national election with turnout at 66%. We can change the course of our nation these Midterms again! Movement Voters Black Voter Project gives us an easy way to donate to black-led organizing groups to make a difference in key races and ballot initiatives  If we would like to learn more about the Movement Voter Project, we can check out their website here:

Election 2018 – By State

1.       ALL:  Upcoming voting dates and deadlines:  by date:   by state:

2.      ALL:  If we are not sure where to start looking for information about candidates, issues, etc., we can check out the League of Women Voters’ website:

3.      GA:  Brian Kemp, the state’s secretary of state who is running for governor, is said to be blocking 53,000 voter registrations. If we live in Georgia, or know someone who does, it is important to verify your voter registration and if we are told we are not on the voter list when we go to vote, we are to demand a provisional ballot making sure to comply with the follow-up instructions.

4.      MO: A Missouri judge ruled on Tuesday that state election officials can no longer tell voters they must show a photo ID in order to cast a ballot. The ruling blocks part of Missouri's voter identification law. The law still requires voters to establish their identity with other documentation. Let's read more at NPR.  We can check this document from the Missouri Secretary of State for acceptable forms of identification.

Other Actions

1.       From Immigrant Families Together:  We need volunteers and donations for a seriously stressful and INSANE event ICE is planning...the release of possibly 1100 detainees in Yuma with NO plan and NO resources in place to help them--just imagine if you were imprisoned for a long time, you are released and then you realize you have NO food, NO money, NO clean clothes, NO ONE TO HELP YOU, times that by 1100. We are looking for help from people who can travel to Yuma or Phoenix this week to help. Please let me know if you are interested in hearing more. We have moved MOUNTAINS and we will continue to do so! Especially with your help!  Volunteers there are in desperate need of supplies. Here’s an amazon list to provide help -

2.      While we all understand that op-ed pieces are opinions pieces, they are usually written by someone with a background of experience or knowledge of the subject matter.  It does not seem that was the case with the op-ed piece by Trump that ran in USA Today earlier this week.  In fact, the Washington Post said that “. . . almost every sentence contained a misleading statement or a falsehood.” or  Let’s ask USA Today why they chose to run a piece with so many errors.  We read newspapers for information.  If we can’t trust them for that, we won’t be subscribing or reading them.  Contact:  Let’s also sign this petition telling the paper to stop publishing Trump’s lies:

3.      Jamal Khashoggi, a well-known Saudi Arabian journalist and Washington Post columnist mysteriously went missing earlier this month.  He had been critical of his country’s government.  There is a fear that he may have been abducted and killed. Trump “will be required to investigate the disappearance of journalist and Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi after a letter from senators that invoked sanctions legislation.”  Let’s tell our senators that we are in agreement with this plan.  As Sen. Bob Corker (R-KY) said elsewhere, “You can’t go around killing journalists.”

4.      Whistle-blower Reality Winner has arrived at the federal facility in which she will serve the remainder of her sentence until 12/29/2021. We can send our notes of support to: Reality Leigh Winner 22056-021, Carswell Federal Medical Center, PO Box 27137, Ft. Worth TX 76127.  Reality desperately wants an MP3 player and shampoo and soap that won’t make her skin break out. If we want, we can deposit directly in Reality’s account to help meet her needs via Western Union:  (her inmate number is 22056-021)

5.      With Brett Cavanaugh joining the Supreme Court, the battle for women's rights and reproductive rights shifts to other threats at the federal and state levels ( One way to engage? Let's lend our support to the National Organization for Women, which has fought on our behalf for decades and has put together an integrated campaign to continue the struggle:

6.      ProPublica needs us to be their eyes and ears as they look for voting problems across the country. They want to know how our voting experience went or to tell them if we encountered anything that stopped us or others from casting a ballot. We can read more and find out the various ways to contact them at ProPublica's Electionland. Let's commit to telling them any problems we encounter and direct others to this resource if they need it.

7.      Women across the world are writing postcards of support to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who still is not able to return to her home due to death threats. Let’s make sure to take a moment for this quick act of kindness. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, ℅ Palo Alto University, 1791 Arastradero Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94304

8.     From our friends at Suit Up Maine:  This edition of the Victories & Good News Roundup has been long in coming, on account of summer travels, general busyness of our all-volunteer team, and our desire to time the release to a moment when we all needed a big boost. The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court seems like such a moment. In the light of this vote, we will be reassessing our priorities for where to direct our resistance energies.  But know this: We persist. This is a fight for the soul of our country, the rule of law, the most vulnerable among us, the survival of our planet, and justice. We are in this for the long haul. Which is why we pause every once in a while, to recall and savor our victories. Ponder them. Let them nourish your spirit. And know that we are not alone.  Let’s check this out and remember to cherish our victories:

 Marches/events/webinars/Tweetstorms to attend/organize

1.       This Sunday, October 14, at 7pm ET, Action Together Network is hosting “"For The Win: Tech and Tools to Propel Us to Victory" which will introduce the tools and technologies available to maximize our impact over the final weeks of this election cycle. We will cover helpful apps and sites that enable voter registration, acquisition of voter ID, peer-to-peer voter empowerment, text banking, and other forms of electoral action.” We can register here:

2.      Beginning Monday, October 15, and running for four consecutive weeks, Jen Hofmann, creator of the weekly Americans of Conscience Checklist is offering a tele-class called The Art of Perseverance to help keep us going.  We can find more details, and how to sign up, here:

3.      In a national effort coordinated by author Glennon Doyle, every Friday “through Consumer Black Friday (Nov 23), WE ARE GOING TO TURN OUR RAGE INTO CHANGE. We are going to: Represent, Act, Gather & Exit.”  When we sign up, we will get each week’s call-to-action. “Please share this post, tag your people, and consider signing on to support this Rage-to-Change Movement:

4.      January 19, 2019 is the date of the third Women’s March with the main event to be held in Washington, D.C. with sister marches all over the country.  Let’s find more information here:


Find elected state officials:


1.       Let’s read, think about, and share this super-thoughtful blog post about ways to support our daughters’ dreams.

2.      I am one of a majority of women in America. Yes, I am angry. And disgusted. And fearful over the direction of our country. But, I am far from powerless and with my sisters I make this pledge:

3.      Sing Out, Louise is a NY resistance/protest singing group. Here's their new video to help get out the vote:

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