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5/9/17 To-do List   

Contact Government Officials

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Contact the White House

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  1. The Russian influence in our election and in the Trump administration remains the biggest issue of our time. Here is a good summary of that investigation:  issues: During yesterday’s hearing in which former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates testified, several senators asked for an independent investigation. Let’s continue to ask our legislators for the same. 

  1. From the frontlines of double-speak, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price made the Sunday morning news show rounds and is insisting that no one on Medicaid would experience cuts under the new AHCA House bill:
  2.  Let’s let Secretary Price know that his lies are showing: The US Dept of HHS, Hubert H Humphrey Building, 200 Independence Ave, SW, Washington, DC 20201

  1. Now that the tenor of a Trump administration is becoming clearer after 100 days, let’s print out his Inauguration Address and jot some notes on it for him and send it to him to let him know how we think things are going:

  1. Lest we think we can ignore Scott Pruitt and the EPA for even a moment, on Friday the agency dismissed five scientists from the Board of Science Counselors, a major review board within the EPA:  The motive for this move is no secret: EPA spokesman J.P. Friere explained that Scott Pruitt ‘believes we should have people on this board who understand the impact of regulations on the regulated community” and contemplates replacing these academic scientists with representatives of industries whose pollution the EPA is charged with regulating:  Time, again, to call Pruitt at 202-564-4700 and  remind him that regulations are protections and standards to safeguard the American people.   

  1. On Sunday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law to take effect Sept. 1 banning “sanctuary cities” in the state and threatening non-compliant law enforcement officers with fines, jail time, and removal from office:  Many from law enforcement have joined the ACLU and immigrant rights groups to object.  So can we. The phone number for the Office of the Governor is 512-463-2000 or an email comment may be made at

  1. While some visa programs are being questioned and delayed, Jared Kushner’s family was in China “advertising highlights the controversial EB-5 visa program, which provides a path to a green card to foreign nationals who invest at least half a million dollars and create 10 full-time jobs.” “Before Kushner joined the Trump administration as a senior adviser, the news agency added, his family firm raised some $50 million through the EB-5 program for a Trump-branded luxury apartment building in New Jersey.”  While Kushner claims to have distanced himself from his former business endeavors, let’s call the Office of Government Ethics at (202) 482-9300 (then press 5) and tell them we don’t appreciate a member of Trump’s family AND staff, sending his sister to offer visas in exchange for money in China for a program from which they will benefit.

  1. Now that the healthcare bill is in the Senate, we need to stay vigilant.  Here are six things we can do to help stop it there:

  1. Whether one believes in climate change or not, there is now evidence that diseases thought long-gone are surfacing as the glacier ice melts.  Let’s make sure our legislators keep scientists involved in our government for our welfare and safety.

  1. School choice is not all that its supporters want to believe, at least not for the majority of our student population.  Let’s contact our MoCs and remain vigilant on our support for quality and improving public education.

  1. We need to keep up the pressure on the House Republicans who voted for the AHCA which has negative consequences for women's health. Here's a list of the 18 Republican women who voted against women's health by voting for Trumpcare Let's call them in Washington and write to their district offices asking them to act on behalf of ALL women: 1) AL: Martha Roby (202-225-2901), 401 Adams Ave Ste 160, Montgomery AL 36104-4340. 2) AZ: Martha McSally (202-225-2542), 4400 E Broadway Blvd Ste 510, Tucson AZ 85711-3554. 3) CA: Mimi Walters (202-225-5611), 3333 Michelson Dr Ste 230, Irvine CA 92612-8803.  4) IN: Susan Brooks (202-225-2276), 11611 N Meridian St Ste 415, Carmel IN 46032-8914. 5) IN: Jackie Walorski (202-225-3915), 709 Main St, Rochester IN 46975-1505. 6) KS: Lynn Jenkins (202-225-6601), 3550 SW 5th St, Topeka KS 66606-1910.  7) MO: Vicky Hartzler (202-225-2876), 2415 Carter Ln Ste 4, Columbia MO 65201-5898.  8) MO: Ann Wagner (202-225-1621), 301 Sovereign Ct Ste 201, Ballwin MO 63011-4442. 9) NC: Virginia Foxx (202-225-2071), 400 Shadowline Dr Ste 205, Boone NC 28607-5022. 10) NY: Elise Stefanik (202-225-4611), 135 Glen St, Glen Falls NY 12801-4415.  11) NY: Claudia Tenney (202-225-3665), 49 Court St Ste 210, Binghamton NY 13901-3340. 12) SD: Kristi Noem (202-225-2801), 300 N Dakota Ave Ste 314, Sioux Falls SD 57104-6026. 13) TN: Diane Black (202-225-4231), 321 E Spring St Ste 301, Cookeville TN 38501-4168. 14) TN: Marsha Blackburn (202-225-2811), 128 N 2nd St Ste 202, Clarksville TN 37040-2400. 15) TX: Kay Granger (202-225-5071), 1701 River Run Ste 407, Ft Worth TX 76107-6548.  16) UT: Mia Love (202-225-3011), 9067 S 1300 W Ste 101, West Jordan UT 84088-5582. 17) WA: Cathy McMorris Rodgers (202-225-2006), 10 N Post St Ste 625, Spokane WA 99201-0706. 18) WY: Liz Cheney (202-225-2311), 2120 Capitol Ave Ste 8005, Cheyenne WY 82001-3649.

  1. Last year, the Bureau of Land Management finalized standards that address climate change and put an end to wasteful leaks and the venting and flaring of natural gas and wasteful pollutants. Now, the Senate is set to vote to let oil and gas companies off the hook and roll back critical protections against methane pollution through the Congressional Review Act. Let’s make sure our senators know we’re watching and want them to put our health and welfare ahead of energy industry profits. We can make calls through this link:

  1. Yesterday, the Trump administration rolled out 10 nominees to the federal courts. At a moment when we’re counting on the judiciary to stop Trump’s attacks on our rights, it’s more important than ever that the Senate carefully examine every judge he wants to put on the bench – and stop them if they’re out of the mainstream or can’t be trusted to stand up to him. Let’s call our Senators and tell them that we’re not just paying attention to the Supreme Court, and we want them to put Trump’s picks under strict scrutiny.

  1. James Sours, a diabetic, died in jail, pre-trial, after the jail house nurse left for vacation without providing for his medical care. Federal Judge Amul Thapar ruled that the nurse didn’t have to face trial. He was reversed on appeal. Thapar is one of 21 judges nominated by Trump to a federal appeals court. As Trump proceeds to put forward nominees 120 lower court vacancies, let’s demand that our senators oppose those whose records show a disregard for the Constitutional rights of all.

  1. Start spreading the news! New York State Senator Brad Hoylman is after Trump’s tax returns. His bill S26, the Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public (TRUMP) Act, would require New York State to post online the state tax returns of anyone elected to federal or state office in a statewide election, including the president and vice president. His other bill, S5572A, requires the disclosure of tax returns by statewide elected public officials, including the president. Trump is a resident of New York, and so…you get the picture.  Let’s support passage of S26 and S5572A by contacting our state reps if we’re New Yorkers, or by urging our New York friends to do so if we’re not. Find NY State reps here:

Other Actions

  1. CORRECTION:  Ellen DeGeneres has stated that since he stands for everything she does NOT believes in, she will not have Trump on her show. Let’s write to her and thank her for all she has done for so many and for standing for right:  Warner Bros. Studio 11, 3000 W Alameda Ave., Burbank, CA 91505

  1. Yesterday and again on May 15, circuit courts in Richmond, VA and Seattle, WA will hear federal appeals of the injunction against Trump’s executive order banning immigration from six Muslin majority countries.  #NoBanNoWallNoRaids proposes a “week of resistance” and details what we might do:

  1. Let’s all try to get involved with one of the many excellent organizations helping us flip the House blue in 2018. If you haven’t already please join either Swing Left (, Flippable ( or Sister District ( and offer them support—either financially or by actually going out and helping them to knock on doors and get out the vote when the elections draw near. These groups are doing probably the MOST important work of the Resistance. We can no longer sit on the sidelines; all of us must help. Please join!

  1. Some of us might be a little late, but we can still sign the Women’s March Pledge of Liberation:, then download the “Our Day of Action Toolkit” for other actions to take.  

  1. Although the right is asking for Stephen Colbert to be fired from his late night TV show, it has not happened. Let’s do our part to support Stephen Colbert and the First Amendment. CBS is taking calls and recording responses. If we care about this issue, please speak up -- do NOT take it for granted that this will just go away. CBS has been bombarded with calls from Trump supporters. The number for Late Night With Stephen Colbert is 212-975-3700 or we can use this: or write them at CBS Headquarters, 51 W. 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019-6188 or call corporate headquarters at:  212-975-4321

Petitions to Sign

  1. Let’s tell join the Sierra Club in telling Congress to say no to drilling in National Parks:

  1. Let's let our MoC know that we support raising the minimum wage and that full-time workers should be provided a livable wage. CREDO Action has a petition we can sign:


  1. As anti-protest bills move ahead in some states, let’s please keep an eye on what is going on in our own backyards:

  1. Trump’s TV campaign ad that CNN as well as the other major TV networks refuses to air (, has some fact-stretching:

  1. “The next generation of activists and candidates trains online. As Yoda teaches Luke in Star Wars “Do. Or do not. There is no try.””

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