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5/6/17 To-do List   

Contact Government Officials

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Fax your legislators for free:  Reps:
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Contact the White House

If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your US postal address
to (520) 200-2223 and get a text back with your
STATE & FEDERAL legislative rep phone numbers.

  1. The Strong Women Action Network (SWAN):  Trumpcare passed the House even as Americans gathered outside the capitol to protest the bill.  What happens next in the resistance will make a huge difference for the senate vote. Let's start now by letting the Senate know that we will not accept a healthcare bill that leave millions uninsured because of pre existing conditions , cuts Medicaid for our most vulnerable, and gives tax cuts to the wealthy. The Strong Women Action Network (SWAN)  has teamed up with Capitol Call to launch a call too that targets Senators who must vote NO to Trumpcare. The list will be updated regularly as we learn of other Senators that are in the fence. Numbers and out-of-state friendly call script is included.

  1. FBI Director James Comey has admitted he feels “mildly nauseous” about the effect that his actions might have had on the election:  Please let’s take a moment to let him know how nauseous it makes us: FBI Headquarters, 935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC, 20535

  1. Trump has appointed Teresa Manning as “birth control czar” at the Department of Health and Human Services. She does not believe in birth control:  Please let HHS Secretary Tom Price know what your concerns are about this appointment: The US Dept of HHS, Hubert H Humphrey Building, 200 Independence Ave, SW, Washington, DC 20201

  1. Only ten days left for public comment on EPA regulations that the GOP and Trump want to cut! Here's the instructions:

  1. Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) predicted that the moderate Republicans who supported yesterday’s vote on the American Health Care Act will “have every provision of this bill tattooed on [their] forehead[s]” in the 2018 elections: It is critical both to the next election and to the Senate’s response to the ACHA that we prove Pelosi right and hold these “moderates” accountable. Indivisible has assembled a list of how every member of the House voted and a call script:

  1. We are becoming more aware of who will be hurt if this healthcare legislation becomes law in its current form.  Special needs students will be affected in a way most people do not realize. If we have special needs children in our lives, or even if we don’t, let’s let our stories to our senators reflect the needs of this vulnerable population.

  1. FCC Chair Ajit Pai revealed his plan to destroy net neutrality by gutting rules that protect the free and open Internet. No net neutrality means Internet service providers can demand that companies and consumers pay fees for decent connection speeds and push those who can't pay into Internet "slow lanes."  Let’s submit a public comment. The FCC just opened their official comment period on Pai's plan to kill net neutrality. Use this tool from Fight for the Future to submit a comment opposing the plan:

  1. In the past week, several White House meetings have been held to discuss our pulling out of the Paris climate accord:  We must object to any attempt to abandon the U.S. obligation to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025 or to refuse to provide the monies to which this agreement committed us.  Rise Stronger urges us to email EPA head Scott Pruitt (,  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson  (,  and Energy Secretary Rick Perry (

  1. The more unstable and belligerent he appears, the greater the worry about Trump’s finger on the button.  Sen. Markey (D-MA) has introduced S. 200 to make this less likely. The Union of Concerned Scientists urges us to write to our MoC and tell them to immediately cosponsor this “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act,” which would prohibit the president—any US president—from launching a nuclear first strike without a declaration of war from Congress.

  1. #THERESISTANCETWEETSHEETShave some ready-to-go emergency tweets for the GOP House members who voted for Trumpcare telling them that they are losing their seats in 2018 and that the #resistance is coming for them:

  1. Twenty Republicans voted against the AHCA. Many of them said they wanted to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Let's send thank yous to them at their district offices, which don't hear from us as often.

AZ: Andy Biggs, 2509 S. Power Rd Ste 204, Mesa AZ 85209-6697
CO: Mike Coffman, 3300 S. Parker Rd Ste 305, Aurora CO 80014-3528
FL: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, 4960 SW 72nd Ave Ste 208, Miami FL 33155-5549
KY: Thomas Massie, 1700 Greenup Ave Ste 505, Ashland KY 41101-7663
NC: Walter B. Jones, 1105 Corporate Dr C, Greenville NC 27858-5968
NJ: Leonard Lance, 425 North Ave E, Westfield NJ 07090-1537
NJ: Frank LoBiondo, 5914 Main St Ste 103, Mays Landing NJ 08330-1751
NJ: Christopher Smith, 112 Village Center Dr #2, Freehold NJ 07728-2510
NY: Dan Donovan, 7308 13th Ave, Brooklyn NY 11228-2011
NY: John Katko, 71 Genesee Street Rd, Auburn NY 13021-0000
OH: David Joyce, 1 Victoria Pl Ste 320, Painesville OH 44077-3406
OH: Michael Turner, 120 W 3rd St Ste 305, Dayton OH 45402-1896
PA: Ryan Costello, 21 W Market St #105, West Chester PA 19382-3004
PA: Charlie Dent, 3900 Hamilton Blvd Ste 207, Allentown PA 18103-6122
PA: Brian Fitzpatrick, 1717 Langhorne-Newtown Rd Ste 400, Langhorne PA    19047-1086
PA: Patrick Meehan, 940 W Sproul Rd, Springfield PA 19064-1255
TX: William Hurd, 124 Horizon Blvd, Socorro TX 79927-2620
VA: Barbara Comstock, 21430 Cedar Dr Ste 218, Sterling VA 20164-8697
WA: Jaime Herrera Beutler, 750 Anderson St, Vancouver WA 98661-3853
WA: Dave Reichert, 22605 SE 56th St Ste 130, Issaquah WA 98029-5297

Other Actions

  1. We can’t undo the House vote for Trumpcare, but we can work to flip upcoming races in state legislative and Congressional districts all over the country to Democratic candidates.  Flippable provides us with information about candidates, districts, and dates—some of them very soon:  Let’s all see whether there are races nearby and how we can help.

  1. If any of us are college/university students, we can create a greater presence for the resistance on campus by launching a Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC on Campus club. These student-led chapters focus on taking direct action against bigotry, registering young voters, and working with the community to further messages of justice and equality:

  1. No matter where we live we have a chance to help in a Georgia election.  Christine Triebsch is the Democratic candidate for the 32nd Senate District special election to be held on May 16. She is a Family Law attorney and her Republican opponent is the President of the medical group founded by HHS Secretary Tom Price. If we can help Christine #Turn32Blue, it will break the Republicans' Super Majority in the Georgia Senate! Tony the Democrat is running a postcard drive in the hopes that a wave of handwritten postcards to Georgia voters will give Christine the edge.  Here is how we can sign up:  Abby the Address Bot is ready to assign voter addresses to you conveniently and promptly via SMS text messaging. Using your cell phone, simply text the word HELLO to 678-498-5585 and follow Abby's helpful prompts. Abby can immediately assign 5, 10, or 15 addresses to you making that part of the process quicker. For larger address lists or if you have any questions, contact us directly by email:

  1. The Women's March on Washington has announced its last action item in the 10 Actions/100 Days campaign, the Pledge of Liberation. "Join us on May 8 -- six months after Election Day -- as we storm in-district congressional offices across the country and send a clear message that our allegiance is to each other, not to an administration or elected officials who harm us."

  1. A federal judge has re-opened voter registration in Georgia, with a new registration deadline of May 21st. This is especially significant considering the upcoming 6th district runoff election on June 20th  For those of us who would like to help with this election, including helping to register voters (if you live in the district), raising awareness, phone banking, etc. let's check out Swing Left's 6th District sign up:

  1. The organizations which began yesterday to fundraise for the opponents of the representatives up for election in 2018 and who voted FOR the ACHA have recorded over two million dollars donated already.  You can still donate here:

  1. Hillary Clinton, now a private citizen, is “building a new political group to fund organizations working on the resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda” The organization, likely to be called Onward Together, could be live as soon as next week. Let’s be on the lookout for this group.

Petitions to Sign

  1. Let’s sign this petition from Credo to Senators re: blocking the AHCA:

  1. And here’s another petition to the Senate on Trumpcare from


  1. Rep. Kennedy (D-MA) says it like it is: 

  1. Anti-immigrant feeling in the U.S. has always been there, but it's running high thanks to the xenophobic rhetoric of Trump and his allies in the GOP. The filmmakers featured in this story want to change that, not by affecting policy, but by changing the attitudes of Americans generally. By making short films about recent immigrants in the U.S. and marketing them via "sponsored posts" on Facebook, Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine want to reach people who "whose social media preferences suggest they might not be sympathetic to the plight of newcomers to the United States." The films are insightful and timely; the social media strategy is ingenious.

  1. Here’s this week’s “United States of Resistance” newsletter:

  1. And lastly, our weekly dose of “Small Victories”, thanks to Peace is Loud

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