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Special Pre-Election Edition

1.       We’ve all been working so hard for two years and the election next week really is about all that we have tried to do. DemWrite Press wants us to go one step further and be the eyes of this election as well.  They have launched #WaveCast, a collection of regular folks who will "report" on what's happening in their state/communities.  Let’s read more and see how we can help:

2.      From Postcards for America:  A link to Google folder with graphics for all the Democratic Candidates divided by State. (If the Candidate is running against a GOP incumbent, it shows their NRA rating and voting record. The graphics also show the (gerrymandered) Districts. Also, graphics for Voter ID, Absentee Voting, Early Voting. ) The documents in the State folders have the Tweets that go with the graphics - so people within States can just copy & paste the Website Links or Twitter addresses if that's helpful. In case people want to madly tweet or FB about Candidates in the next few days....

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