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  1. The tragedy and loss of life in the attack in Barcelona yesterday was terrible.  Within hours Trump referred to a car being driven into a crowd of people in another country as terrorism, but has not yet able to use the same term when a similar incident happened here in Charlottesville.  Let’s let Trump know that in both cases it was a radicalized right faction attempting to kill unsuspecting people – both should be called terrorism

  1. Congressional Republicans may have been willing to condemn the bigoted violence in Charlottesville, but most of them have been very quiet about responding to Trump’s pandering to white supremacists ( Marisa Kabas has set up a spreadsheet tracking which GOPers have stepped up to call out Trump and which haven’t which we can find here: Those of us who live in their districts can contact those who haven’t and demand that they do so. And if they continue to stand with Trump as he stands with white supremacists, let’s show some support to the folks running against them. We can find information on many of the candidates challenging House Republicans on this spreadsheet from one of our own.

  1. Condemnations by congressional leaders against the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville are meaningless unless they are accompanied by actual action. One easy thing they can do is listen to the voices of members of the Congressional Black Caucus and remove statues of Confederate leaders from the statuary hall at the U.S. Capitol ( As Rachael Payton writes, “thousands of white supremacists gather across the country and commit violent acts of terror and intimidation in the name of these Confederate symbols… While Trump has inflamed these white supremacists, the statues honoring Confederates in the halls of the United States Congress are proof that white nationalism has long needed to be confronted in America.” Let’s call our members of Congress and demand that they be removed. (We can also sign Rachael Payton’s petition to Congress with the same ask here:

  1. Shep Smith, Fox News host, said that Fox’s booking team has not been able to find a Republican to come on his show and defend Trump:  Let’s tell our Republican reps that if they are reluctant to defend Trump, that they publicly should say so and tell us why. 

  1. Many of our MoCs who are standing up against the hate displayed in Charlottesville are taking heat on their Facebook pages.  Let’s make sure we “like” our legislators FB pages and speak up (peaceably) against the far-right negative comments. 

  1. EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt is avoiding oversight, avoiding environmentalists, avoiding agency staff, and avoiding mainstream media. He is taking steps to corrupt agency science and science communication and loosen regulatory burdens on fossil fuels, in close consultation with industry groups and right-wing media, with as little public scrutiny as possible.  Let's share this information with friends and family who may not be aware of the creeping changing to the EPA and the health and wellness of our communities.  We need to push back on Pruitt (Scott Pruitt, EPA, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20460) and also let our MoC's know that we do not approve of loosening regulations that were put in place to protect the American people. 

  1. On Wednesday, House Democrats Pramila Jayapal, Jerry Nadler, and Bonnie Watson Colman introduced a measure to censure, or formally disapprove of, Trump, in response to his handling of the violence and terrorism by white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA Let's contact our Representatives and make sure that they cosponsor and support this House Resolution: "Censuring and condemning President Donald Trump"

  2. The Illinois State Senate has approved of legislation to categorize white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups as terrorist organizations Let's send a copy of the the resolution to our own MoC on both the State and Federal level, asking that they introduce similar legislation

  1. The National Park Service is considering revoking the permit for the White Supremacist rally to be held at Chrissy Field on August 26.  Let’s follow the instructions here to make our voices heard against the permit:

State Actions


  1. MA:  The way forward is to look over, under, around, and through Trump and the Republican Party that enables him. That means many things, especially elections. It is not too early to start supporting candidates for 2018 who will fight for progressive policies and values, and stand up to the harmful Republican agenda. If we’re in Massachusetts, let’s sign up to support Senator Elizabeth Warren and Attorney General Maura Healey, who are both up for re-election:  Elizabeth Warren: and Maura Healey:  And let’s pay attention to the US House race. The Massachusetts delegation—10 congressional districts—is 100% Democrat. Let’s keep it that way.

  1. WI: If we are students in Wisconsin: not every college ID is considered valid for voting in the state.  Let's read this article to make sure we have the right ID so we can vote without hassle on election day.  Let's make sure that our friends and classmates know about this too.

  2. FL:  On Wednesday, Governor Scott said, "I watched what happened on Saturday and it's disgusting,'' Scott told reporters after the August Cabinet meeting at the state Capitol Wednesday. "It's evil. There's no place in our country for racism, bigotry, the KKK, neonazis, white supremacists. There's no moral equivalency between the two sides."  We Rogan's-listers in Florida don't often get agree with Governor Rick Scott (R).  Let's send Scott lots of support so he will know he got this right. Web contact form:  Phone: 850-717-9337. Write: Governor Rick Scott, 400 S Monroe St, Tallahassee FL 32300-0001.

  1. MI:  Voters Not Politicians has had their gerrymandering ballot proposal approved and  are now collecting signatures.  We can find signing events here: and can find out how to volunteer here:

Other Actions

  1. Resistance groups are working to turn the tables on this weekend’s white supremacist rally in Boston by donating to the nationally acclaimed Life After Hate, a non-profit that helps defeat white supremacy through education, research and outreach – and a group that’s lost federal grants under the Trump administration.  ( They’re organizing folks to donate money for every hour white supremacists rage in Boston. Those of us who are able can join them in making a pledge at

  1. On Tuesday, Aug. 22, Trump has another rally scheduled, this time in Phoenix.  Let’s sign up for tickets and not attend:

  1. There is some question whether the Phoenix rally will actually happen.  The mayor has asked Trump, in light of the volatility caused by Charlottesville, that he delay his visit.  Mayor Greg Stanton said, "If President Trump is coming to Phoenix to announce a pardon for former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, then it will be clear that his true intent is to enflame emotions and further divide our nation."  Let’s thank Stanton for his foresight:

  1. “Racism is the elephant in the room in America—particularly, white America. White people would like racism to go away. “  This is especially true if you know it is in your own family.  Let’s take a look and see where we and our family and friends stand.

  1. Vice News Tonight, HBOs first daily series which started in 2016, provided a unique inside view to the Charlottesville tragedy.  The video has gone viral.  We can watch it and learn about it here:   Let’s thank HBO for this effort:

  1. Local activist groups in Charlottesville have compiled a list of 8 actions we can take to help fight fascism and oppression; four items which would specifically support those in Charlottesville, and four which we can do in our local communities Let's read through the list, then get to work!

  1. “PayPal is taking action against more than three dozen hate groups and other extremist organizations, sources close to the payments company told CBS MoneyWatch on Wednesday. The move follows this weekend's violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.”  Let’s thank Paypal:  2211 North First StreetSan Jose, California 95131

  1. With violence breaking out during protests and rallies, it's important that our journalists and members of the media are staying safe as they cover current events. Now is a good time to revisit the Committee to Protect Journalists's safety advisory, issued prior to the presidential inauguration back in January We can read through the list of recommendations for precautions to take, as well as advice on how to deal with aggression, then check out the more detailed CPJ Journalist Security Guide and share it with our friends in the media

  1. Knowing what to do when you find yourself in a hateful situation is essential.  Here is a Primer on Responding to Hate in Your Own Backyard: Let’s read up!

  1. Teaching how to detect and discern the quality of sources is something that is taught in high schools and colleges.  This teacher uses George Washington to teach his juniors and seniors:  Let’s learn from this ourselves and pass this info on to students and teachers we know.


  1. Some in Congress have announced a censure resolution against Trump; Here is a petition to Congress that we can sign requesting the same:

  1. Let’s join Ultraviolet in asking Starbucks and Nike to end their leases at Trump Tower and other Trump properties and break their connection to white supremacy:

Marches/events to attend/organize


  1. “We Had Sneakers, They Had Guns”  from Small Deeds Done:

  1. We’ve heard a lot lately about the Antifa.  Here is info about who they are:

  1. Here is Brene Brown,  an American author, scholar, and  social work research professor on how owning our history and our story relates to racism in our country:

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