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12/17/16  To-do List                                                        

There is no special way to attack this action list. If it seems overwhelming, just do the first two items to make it easier.  If you have a little more time, do the third….and the fourth…. Or, choose items that speak to your heart.  Some people cut and paste the list, print it off and take it with them so they can check items off while they are out and about during the day and just waiting or driving.  Others click and do items as they work on their computer or phone.  There is no right way to do this.  Just do something!  Remember, too, that many of the suggestions made on earlier days are still doable! 

  1. From Elizabeth Warren:  Trump wants to hand Steve Mnuchin the keys to the Treasury Department, where he can make big banks even richer at the expense of America’s families. Were you or someone you know hurt by Steve Mnuchin and OneWest Bank’s predatory business practices? The Senate Democrats are asking people to come forward and share their stories.  Here is the link:

  1. Occupy Inauguration is a mass rally and protest taking place in Washington D.C. during the Presidential Inauguration and the seven year anniversary of the Citizens United ruling. January 20th-21st, 2017.  For more information and to join: or their Facebook page:

  1. Please sign Sen. Tulsi Gabbard’s request for support for her bill that the USA stop arming terrorists:

  1. Ask to join this closed Facebook group, Postcards for America, which will help us stay connected with our representatives in DC.  The Group page gives current topics, district addresses of all Senators and Reps involved and even suggested wording for the Postcards. (These are both within posts and listed under the "Files" tab.) Also, the Suggested postcard-writing parties are like Group Therapy.

  1. Reading:  Nine Ways to Oppose Donald Trump

  1. Amnesty International is co-sponsoring the Women’s March on Washington!

  1. Please consider signing this petition U.S. Citizens Officially Request Emergency Electoral Assistance From The United Nations                          

  1. Tell Congress: Immediately investigate Trump’s ties to Russia:


  1. Please consider adding Radical Women's Resistance to your list. It's a small group, but we need more support. Radical Women's Resistance (RaWR) is a group for posting resources that will assist people in sticking it to the Man. Time for Action!


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