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11/17/19 To-do List                                                                            

  1. Kristin Gillibrand (NY senator) is taking a concerned citizens tally (re: Bannon) to bring to the floor. Call (212) 688 6262. They're not taking names, they're just tallying calls. So a quick, 'hi, I heard Senator Gillibrand's office is taking calls from concerned citizens about Steve Bannon. I'm concerned! White supremacy has no place in the White House.'  If that number is busy (which I understand it is) scroll to the bottom of this linked page and click on one of her NY offices.

  1. Call United States Senator Lindsey Graham's office at (202) 224-5972 and push 2 when you get the recording. When the staff member answers, tell them "I support Senator Graham's investigation into Russia's participation in the election of Donald Trump." Ask them to follow up with you on how to support Senator Graham in the days to come, and give them your name and telephone number.

  1. For anyone looking to make some more calls, Paul Ryan is currently conducting a phone survey on who supports the ACA (Obamacare). You don't have to speak directly to anyone, just call and after the message press a number to indicate your support or non-support. Perfect for anyone with phone anxiety! (202) 225-3031

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